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* test suite: New test for history-rewritingIan Jackson2017-01-06
* changelog: start 2.16~Ian Jackson2017-01-06
* changelog: finalise 2.15 (will not be uploaded)Ian Jackson2017-01-05
* Merge tag dgit/2.14 into `defence in dgit-repos-server' branchIan Jackson2017-01-05
| * changelog: finalise 2.14debian/2.14archive/debian/2.14Ian Jackson2017-01-04
| * changelog: Document changesIan Jackson2017-01-04
| * changelog: start 2.14Ian Jackson2017-01-04
* | changelog: start 2.14Ian Jackson2016-12-21
* changelog: finalise 2.13debian/2.13archive/debian/2.13Ian Jackson2016-12-21
* changelog: document dgit-sponsorship fixIan Jackson2016-12-20
* changelog: document dgit-maint-gbp fixIan Jackson2016-12-20
* Import fix: Switch back to unpa branch on patch import iterations.Ian Jackson2016-12-20
* Improve "cannot represent change" messageIan Jackson2016-12-20
* quilt fixup: Permit creation of patches which delete filesIan Jackson2016-12-20
* changelog: start 2.13Ian Jackson2016-12-20
* changelog: finalise 2.12archive/debian/2.12Ian Jackson2016-12-19
* absurd/git: Do not fail to import a .dsc containing patches to .git/ (!)Ian Jackson2016-12-19
* absurd/git Do not fail to import certain weird .dscsIan Jackson2016-12-19
* Produce better error reporting when absurd git wrapper fails on a patchIan Jackson2016-12-19
* Do not fail when cloning a package containing dangling symlinks.Ian Jackson2016-12-19
* By default, generate a DEP-14 tag as well as a dgit archive/* tagIan Jackson2016-12-19
* Suppress some leftover debugging output from import-dsc. Closes:#847658.Ian Jackson2016-12-19
* If we cannot hardlink origs into our extraction area, use symlinks instead.Ian Jackson2016-12-19
* dgit: Give better advice if .dsc/.changes signing failsIan Jackson2016-12-19
* changelog: Mention #844128Ian Jackson2016-12-19
* changelog: Document closure of #847987Ian Jackson2016-12-19
* Slightly better message when .dsc not found.Ian Jackson2016-12-19
* Version tags mangling: Protect dots, as per proposed update to DEP-14.Ian Jackson2016-12-19
* changelog: Mention dgit-maint-merge changesIan Jackson2016-12-19
* Provide and use stunt lintian and debuildIan Jackson2016-12-19
* dgit-repos-policy-debian; Unset GIT_ALTERNATE_OBJECT_DIRECTORIESIan Jackson2016-12-19
* changelog: start 2.12~Ian Jackson2016-11-09
* changelog: finalise 2.11archive/debian/2.11Ian Jackson2016-11-08
* dgit(1): Improve formatting of rpush section.Ian Jackson2016-11-08
* dgit(1), dgit(7): Better reference docs for combined suites.Ian Jackson2016-11-08
* changelog: Document dgit-user(7) updatesIan Jackson2016-11-08
* Test suite: Replace make in Test-Depends with build-essential.Ian Jackson2016-11-08
* changelog: start 2.11~Ian Jackson2016-11-08
* changelog: finalise 2.10archive/debian/2.10Ian Jackson2016-11-08
* changelog: GardeningIan Jackson2016-11-08
* Test suite: import-tarbomb: Split out from import-nonnativeIan Jackson2016-11-08
* dgit: remove_stray_gits: Print a slightly better messageIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Cope when an orig tarball is a tarbomb.Ian Jackson2016-11-07
* Fix an unconditional print that was supposed to be a printdebug:Ian Jackson2016-11-07
* Document multisuiteIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: multisuite: New testIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Actually honour the branch name for $isuite, if we are on dgit branchIan Jackson2016-11-07
* dgit: Make clone_set_head not depend on $giturlIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: Provide reprepro test (for aptget method)Ian Jackson2016-11-06
* Support the Debian *-security suites.Ian Jackson2016-11-06