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* Upload to experimental to test dgit push.debian/0.13_experimental2Ian Jackson2013-08-28
* Upload to experimental to test dgit push.debian/0.13_experimental1Ian Jackson2013-08-28
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// i...Ian Jackson2013-08-28
| * Do not always pointlessly fetch the .dsc twice. (That code was erroneously d...Ian Jackson2013-08-28
| * Reuse already-downloaded .orig files after checking their hashes. Closes: #72...Ian Jackson2013-08-28
| * Remove scary warning from Description.Ian Jackson2013-08-28
| * Remove DGET_UNPACK from the environment in case the user has set it.Ian Jackson2013-08-28
| * finalise 0.12debian/0.12Ian Jackson2013-08-26
| * New --no-quilt-fixup option to suppress quilt fixup. RTFM.Ian Jackson2013-08-26
| * New --ignore-dirty option to skip noncritical check. Closes: #720895.Ian Jackson2013-08-26
| * Improve error message for non-fast-forward push. Closes: #720896.Ian Jackson2013-08-26
| * Add Closes line for #720595 to changelog entry for 0.11. for using git-buildp...Ian Jackson2013-08-26
| * Cope with packages with epoch. Closes: #720897.Ian Jackson2013-08-26
| * finalise 0.11debian/0.11Ian Jackson2013-08-25
| * git-build (git-buildpackage wrapper) does not bother canonicalising the suite...Ian Jackson2013-08-25
| * Add missing dependency on realpath.Ian Jackson2013-08-25
| * dgit build uses dpkg-buildpackageIan Jackson2013-08-25
| * Introduce build_prep subroutine and use it where appropriateIan Jackson2013-08-25
| * Fix a badly open-coded copy of check_not_dirty. Closes: #720524.Ian Jackson2013-08-25
| * Better error message for use of UNRELEASED suite. Closes: #720523.Ian Jackson2013-08-25
| * Location of dgit-repos is now Closes: #...Ian Jackson2013-08-25
| * Autogenerated quilt patch fixup patch Description contains several recent git...Ian Jackson2013-08-25
| * Fix bug which would make quilt patch fixup fail if git status produced "M" li...Ian Jackson2013-08-25
| * Use "" not "" as the default Debian archive. (h...Ian Jackson2013-08-25
| * Create .pc/applied-patches - do not empty it (!)debian/0.10Ian Jackson2013-08-25
| * finalise 0.9debian/0.9Ian Jackson2013-08-24
| * `3.0 (quilt)' fixup creates .pc/applied-patches since modern dpkg-source crea...Ian Jackson2013-08-24
| * Fix bug handling our synthetic merges when we see them in the remote suite br...Ian Jackson2013-08-24
| * Change our .dsc field name to `Dgit'. Relevant to #720201.Ian Jackson2013-08-24
| * Better error when source package contains .git. Closes: #720555.Ian Jackson2013-08-24
| * In push, double-check the .changes against the changelog.Ian Jackson2013-08-24
| * More comprehensive workaround for `3.0 (quilt)'.Ian Jackson2013-08-24
| * new cleaning arrangementsIan Jackson2013-08-24
| * New cleaning arrangements (wip).Ian Jackson2013-08-24
* | test NMU of dgitdebian/0.8+nmu1Joey Hess2013-08-23
* In push, do git fetch as well as archive fetch, or archive fetch can fail.debian/0.8Ian Jackson2013-08-23
* finalise 0.8Ian Jackson2013-08-23
* Fix comparison of archive's .dsc's hash and git branch head to DTRT.Ian Jackson2013-08-23
* When creating repos in dgit-repos (using the ssh-cmd method), copy _template ...Ian Jackson2013-08-23
* finalise 0.7 againdebian/0.7Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* If dak ls, or rmadison, reports multiple versions, look for them all, and pic...Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* finalise 0.7Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* Name the local remote tracking branch remotes/dgit/dgit/<suite> so that we av...Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* Manpage formatting fix.Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* Allow fetching when archive has out-of-date git hash in .dsc. Closes: #720490.debian/0.6Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* Upload to unstableIan Jackson2013-08-22
* finalise 0.4~pre2debian/0.4_pre2Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* Revert change to ssh to alioth CNAME, as the recommended CNAME is to somethin...Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* Support dgit-distro.<distro>.keyid config option.Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* Mangle debian/<version> tags the way git-buildpackage does (as of git-buildpa...Ian Jackson2013-08-22