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* dgit-maint-*(7): Advice for git-debpush usersSean Whitton2021-02-12
* dgit-maint-gbp(7): update references to --*-dirtySean Whitton2018-07-29
* dgit-maint-gbp(7): discuss Whitton2018-07-29
* manpages: add references to pbuilder and cowbuilderSean Whitton2018-07-29
* manpages: alioth->salsaSean Whitton2018-07-29
* dgit-*(7): --deliberately-not-fast-forward for first dgit pushSean Whitton2018-01-06
* dgit-maint-gbp(7): Remove reference to closed bug.Sean Whitton2016-12-20
* dgit-maint-gbp(7): Remove optimistic claim of 1-command NMU inclusionIan Jackson2016-10-30
* dgit-maint-gbp(7): Don't try to use `dgit pull`Sean Whitton2016-10-30
* dgit-maint-gbp(7): Note that patches-unappliedSean Whitton2016-10-30
* dgit-maint-gbp(7): Mention --overwriteSean Whitton2016-10-30
* dgit-maint-gbp(7): New manpageSean Whitton2016-10-30