path: root/dgit-maint-merge.7.pod
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Use git-deborig(1)Sean Whitton2017-01-12
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Use debian/source/patch-headerSean Whitton2017-01-09
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Add upstream remote after dgit cloneSean Whitton2016-12-19
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Missing 'first'Sean Whitton2016-12-19
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Add upstream remote when convertingSean Whitton2016-12-19
* dgit-maint-merge(7): After converting, need --overwriteSean Whitton2016-12-19
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Converting existing packagesSean Whitton2016-12-19
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Missing -oSean Whitton2016-12-19
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Drop subpoint about "nonlinear histories"Ian Jackson2016-10-31
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Do not cross-reference nonexistent dgit-maint-rebase(7)Ian Jackson2016-10-31
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Add paragraph splitIan Jackson2016-10-21
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Move remarks on upstream origSean Whitton2016-10-20
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Tweak wordingSean Whitton2016-10-20
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Fiercer instructions about legally dangerous git historyIan Jackson2016-10-20
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Fix a typo "upsteram"Ian Jackson2016-10-20
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Mention what to do if upstream make good tarballsIan Jackson2016-10-20
* Manpages: Add note about other contributors to dgit-maint-merge(7)Ian Jackson2016-10-20
* Manpage: add dgit-maint-merge.7.podSean Whitton2016-10-20