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* docs: Update for changes to dgit push-*, and recommend push-sourceIan Jackson2022-09-04
* docs: Fix typosNicholas D Steeves2017-02-05
* dgit-nmu-simple(7): Remove obsolete caution about lack of DELAYED supportIan Jackson2016-10-31
* dgit-nmu-simple(7): Mention vcs-gitIan Jackson2016-10-30
* dgit-nmu-simple(7): Mention --delayedSean Whitton2016-10-30
* dgit-nmu-simple(7): Cannot yet use DELAYEDSean Whitton2016-10-30
* dgit-nmu-simple(7): Fix missing quotesIan Jackson2016-10-30
* dgit-nmu-simple(7): Sample `dch` commandsSean Whitton2016-10-30
* dgit-nmu-simple(7): Maintainer's *git* workflowSean Whitton2016-10-30
* dgit-user(7), dgit-nmu-simple(7): Much workIan Jackson2016-10-30