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* dgit-user(7): Provide information about how to use sbuildIan Jackson2017-07-18
* dgit-user(7): Fixed example rune to use curlIan Jackson2017-07-18
* docs: Fix typosNicholas D Steeves2017-02-05
* dgit-user(7): Fix some more typosIan Jackson2017-01-12
* dgit-user(7): Fix some typos.Ian Jackson2017-01-12
* dgit-user(7): Explain comma notation better.Ian Jackson2016-11-08
* dgit-user(7): Suggest avoiding ,-security for sidIan Jackson2016-11-08
* dgit-user(7): More info about multisuite branchIan Jackson2016-11-08
* Document multisuiteIan Jackson2016-11-07
* dgit-user(7): Suggest "3.0 (native)" rather than bodging 1.0 nativeIan Jackson2016-10-31
* dgit-user(7): Use `apt install ./foo.deb`Sean Whitton2016-10-30
* dgit-user(7): Add "... without a .pc directory"Sean Whitton2016-10-30
* dgit-user(7): Explain "binary package"Sean Whitton2016-10-30
* dgit-user(7), dgit-nmu-simple(7): Much workIan Jackson2016-10-30
* dgit-user(7): More work in progressIan Jackson2016-10-30
* dgit-user(7): work in progressIan Jackson2016-10-30