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* manpage: Make discussion of --existing-package less scary. The default archi...Ian Jackson2013-10-28
* manpage: Remove comment in BUGS about lack of policy docs for Dgit field, whi...Ian Jackson2013-10-28
* Remote push support seems to work. Closes:#721185.Ian Jackson2013-10-25
* Abolish the sshdakls method and replace it with sshpsql: that is, ssh (to coc...Ian Jackson2013-10-25
* Clarify the manpage's comments about orig tarballs. Closes: #723605.Ian Jackson2013-10-25
* dgit build, by default, uses the archive to find out what the correct -v<vers...Ian Jackson2013-10-25
* New --initiator-tempdir option.Ian Jackson2013-10-22
* Merge branch 'master' into wip.remoteIan Jackson2013-10-22
| * New --damp-run mode, for more convenient and fuller testing etc.Ian Jackson2013-10-22
* | docs for rpushIan Jackson2013-10-21
* | finish documenting --dgitIan Jackson2013-10-09
* | finish support and docs for DGIT_SSH etc. configIan Jackson2013-10-09
* | document --gpg=Ian Jackson2013-10-09
* | push actually takes an optional suite, like it says in the synopsis.Ian Jackson2013-09-26
* dgit*: Implement `dgit version`Richard Hartmann2013-09-11
* dgit*: Implement `dgit help`Richard Hartmann2013-09-04
* New manpage section on FILES IN THE SOURCE PACKAGE BUT NOT IN GIT. Closes: #7...Ian Jackson2013-08-29
* Reorganise manpage sections to be in a more conventional order.Ian Jackson2013-08-28
* Fix references in manpage to old Vcs-Dgit-Master field name.Ian Jackson2013-08-28
* Fix some bugs in dgit fetch --dry-run which made dgit push --dry-run often no...Ian Jackson2013-08-28
* New --no-quilt-fixup option to suppress quilt fixup. RTFM.Ian Jackson2013-08-26
* New --ignore-dirty option to skip noncritical check. Closes: #720895.Ian Jackson2013-08-26
* dgit build uses dpkg-buildpackageIan Jackson2013-08-25
* More comprehensive workaround for `3.0 (quilt)'.Ian Jackson2013-08-24
* New cleaning arrangements (wip).Ian Jackson2013-08-24
* Name the local remote tracking branch remotes/dgit/dgit/<suite> so that we av...Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* Manpage formatting fix.Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* Support dgit-distro.<distro>.keyid config option.Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* New --distro option (helps with unknown suites).Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* comment on retrying dputIan Jackson2013-08-22
* support _multi.changesIan Jackson2013-08-22
* document usual workflowIan Jackson2013-08-22
* Provide "dgit sbuild".Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* make manpage DESCRIPTION section more formal, and other manpage improvementsIan Jackson2013-08-22
* note TODO about quilt autocommit in manpageIan Jackson2013-08-22
* done the error messagesIan Jackson2013-08-22
* Usage message. Closes #720085.Ian Jackson2013-08-20
* Assorted manpage fixes.Ian Jackson2013-08-19
* Fix manpage description of --existing-package.Ian Jackson2013-08-19
* ssh to coccia to dak ls (!); distinguish isuite and csuiteIan Jackson2013-08-17
* deprecate 3.0 (quilt)Ian Jackson2013-08-17
* fix quilt fixupIan Jackson2013-08-17
* do not clean after allIan Jackson2013-08-17
* clean thingsIan Jackson2013-08-17
* more docsIan Jackson2013-08-17
* wip workflow docsIan Jackson2013-08-17
* construct import commits differently (merge separate from contents)Ian Jackson2013-08-17
* docs changesIan Jackson2013-08-17
* a bugIan Jackson2013-08-16
* canon etc. fixesIan Jackson2013-08-16