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* failedcmd prints $us, not $_[0] - ie, dgit doesn't pretend, in the error mess...Ian Jackson2014-01-19
* Compute "-v" option default value (changelog version since) correctly for Deb...Ian Jackson2014-01-19
* Be able to clone or fetch from Debian backports suites (which are a bit like ...Ian Jackson2014-01-19
* Quirks mechanismIan Jackson2014-01-19
* Refuse to do quilt fixup (explicitly or as a result of build). Closes:#731632.Ian Jackson2014-01-19
* Run a clean (of the specified type) before any build operation; do this with ...Ian Jackson2014-01-19
* Provide --build-products-dir option (and corresponding semantics for -C) to s...Ian Jackson2014-01-19
* Do not report the (irrelevant) $? when madison parsing fails.Ian Jackson2014-01-18
* Use failedcmd to report errors when ssh psql fails. Closes:#734281.Ian Jackson2014-01-18
* Use newest (not oldest) version currently in suite when calculating what valu...debian/0.20Ian Jackson2013-12-21
* autopkgtests: push test; specify dummy upload host; specify dput host and configIan Jackson2013-11-24
* autopkgtests: dummycat archive query sorts its resultsIan Jackson2013-11-24
* Provide "test-dummy" distro with "dummycat" access method.Ian Jackson2013-11-24
* Subcommand program or argument options containing hyphens work. (Eg, --dpkg-b...Ian Jackson2013-11-24
* sshpsql archive query method passes LANG=C. Closes:#729788.Ian Jackson2013-11-24
* Merge branch 'master' into wip.remoteIan Jackson2013-11-07
| * Clarify error message for missing refs/remotes/dgit/dgit/<suite>.debian/0.17Ian Jackson2013-11-07
| * Do not grobble around in .git/refs/; instead, use git-show-ref. This avoids b...Ian Jackson2013-11-06
* | Mention "git merge", not "git-merge", in helpful message. Closes:#725632.Ian Jackson2013-10-25
* | Abolish the sshdakls method and replace it with sshpsql: that is, ssh (to coc...Ian Jackson2013-10-25
* | break out pool_dsc_subpathIan Jackson2013-10-25
* | Fix the "shellquote" command to work properly. The bugs in it ought not to h...Ian Jackson2013-10-25
* | dgit build, by default, uses the archive to find out what the correct -v<vers...Ian Jackson2013-10-25
* | When using sbuild, pass the arguments to mergechanges in the right order so t...Ian Jackson2013-10-24
* | Minor fix to remote functionality:Ian Jackson2013-10-23
* | finalise 0.17~experimental2debian/0.17_experimental2Ian Jackson2013-10-23
* | remote fixes - fix tag handlingIan Jackson2013-10-23
* | improve remote messages (reverse direction of << [[ ]] etc.)Ian Jackson2013-10-23
* | remote fixesIan Jackson2013-10-23
* | When generating git tags, quote the (uncanonicalised) changelog's Distributio...Ian Jackson2013-10-23
* | remote etc. - improve and fix some messagesIan Jackson2013-10-23
* | make $dsc implicit arg to push_mktagIan Jackson2013-10-22
* | remote protocol fixesIan Jackson2013-10-22
* | remote protocol fixesIan Jackson2013-10-22
* | totally revamp remote error handlingIan Jackson2013-10-22
* | run i_cleanup unconditionallIan Jackson2013-10-22
* | fix local dsc name parsedebian/0.17_experimental1Ian Jackson2013-10-22
* | die when 822 changelog parse failsIan Jackson2013-10-22
* | fix file exchange protocol implementationIan Jackson2013-10-22
* | fix debugprefixIan Jackson2013-10-22
* | New --initiator-tempdir option.Ian Jackson2013-10-22
* | Report chdir actions in debugging output.Ian Jackson2013-10-22
* | fix protocol_receive_file not to use STDINIan Jackson2013-10-22
* | Fix dgit --damp-run sbuild to actually work.Ian Jackson2013-10-22
* | Merge branch 'master' into wip.remoteIan Jackson2013-10-22
|\ \ | |/
| * Format `(3.0) quilt' fixup does not mind extraneous other files in the build ...Ian Jackson2013-10-22
| * New --damp-run mode, for more convenient and fuller testing etc.Ian Jackson2013-10-22
| * Set autoflush on stdout, to get better ordering of debugging etc. output when...Ian Jackson2013-10-22
* | wip remote - better autoflushesIan Jackson2013-10-22
* | wip remote - better debuggingIan Jackson2013-10-22