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* Break out commit_admin (nfc)Ian Jackson2014-11-05
* Make mk_orig_file have capability to be selective on source package and versionIan Jackson2014-11-05
* Break out mktree_in_ud_here (nfc)Ian Jackson2014-11-05
* Replace many calls to stat with new wrapper stat_exists; improves error ↵Ian Jackson2014-11-05
| | | | handling and simplifies the code.
* Use Dpkg::Version::version_compare everywhere, not ↵Ian Jackson2014-11-04
| | | | Dpkg::Version::version_compare_string. The latter is entirely wrong, meaning that dgit would get many version comparisons wrong. Closes:#768038.
* Remove leftover debugging printdebian/0.22Ian Jackson2014-08-19
* Check for rpush protocol version incompatibility and crash early if ↵Ian Jackson2014-08-10
| | | | incompatible.
* When killing build subprocess during failure of rpush, try reaping it (so we ↵Ian Jackson2014-08-10
| | | | can report it) before killing it.
* In rpush, on protocol error talking to build host, check if the subprocess ↵Ian Jackson2014-08-10
| | | | died and report differently if so. Closes:#736528.
* Better reporting of child exit statuses (esp. deaths due to signals).Ian Jackson2014-08-10
* Improve error message for .dsc parsing failures more generally.Ian Jackson2014-08-04
* Improve error message for .dsc having already been signed (iff using ↵Ian Jackson2014-08-04
| | | | libdpkg-perl 1.17.x)
* When cloning, set up a remote `vcs-git' from the package's Vcs-Git (and put ↵Ian Jackson2014-08-04
| | | | an appropriate caveat in the manpage). Closes:#740687.
* Provide `dgit clean'. Closes:#736527.Ian Jackson2014-08-04
* Print better message for unknown operations.Ian Jackson2014-08-04
* Treat .dsc as bytes, just like everything else, rather than letting ↵Ian Jackson2014-08-03
| | | | HTTP::Message convert it to a Perl unicode string which the rest of the program mishandles. Closes:#738536.
* Check SHA-256 of .dsc against hash from archive_query (ie projectb) rather ↵Ian Jackson2014-08-03
| | | | than letting dpkg-source do a signature verification. Closes:#737619.
* Use curl to download things rather than dget; do our own processing of the filesIan Jackson2014-08-03
* Do not remove destination when clone fails because it already exists (!)Ian Jackson2014-08-03
* Use DNS alias rather than coccia. Closes:#752602.Ian Jackson2014-08-03
* Work in read-only no-git-history mode with Ubuntu. You still have to pass ↵Ian Jackson2014-08-03
| | | | -dubuntu. Closes:#751781.
* On push check that we have access_giturl; this allows missing config to ↵Ian Jackson2014-08-03
| | | | abort pushes early
* Make access_basedistro honour $idistro (i.e. make -d work properly again)Ian Jackson2014-08-03
* Print better message for lack of configuration settings.Ian Jackson2014-08-03
* Do not spew diff output to terminal (by default). Print sensible message ↵Ian Jackson2014-08-03
| | | | instead. Closes:#736526.
* Do not spew diff output to terminal (by default). Closes:#736526.Ian Jackson2014-08-03
* Work with wheezy-backports (and keep squeeze-backports working too). ↵Ian Jackson2014-08-03
| | | | Closes:#736524.
* Clone removes destination directory on error. Closes:#736153.Ian Jackson2014-08-03
* getcwd: Introduce must_getcwd using getcwd rather than cmdoutputIan Jackson2014-08-03
* Revert "Switch to using (and dgit-repos-server) by default."Ian Jackson2014-07-30
| | | | | | | | | | | The infrastructure end of this is not ready. But I want to push this branch to master so I don't end up with irreconcileable branches. So revert the change to the default config. This reverts commit 111b247b6198535db5788a07069971e409f539cd. Conflicts: debian/changelog
* Include canonicalised suite name in signed tag message.Ian Jackson2014-03-05
* dgit-repos-server: wip testsIan Jackson2014-03-05
* Switch to using (and dgit-repos-server) by default.Ian Jackson2014-03-05
* test-dummy-drs `distro': for testing dgit-push-responder. WIP.Ian Jackson2014-03-05
* Move dsc handling together for clarity. NFC.Ian Jackson2014-03-05
* Combine pushes of version tag and suite branch into a single git-push. NFC.Ian Jackson2014-03-05
* Bring forward push of the version tag ref so it happens alongside the push ↵Ian Jackson2014-03-05
| | | | of the suite branch ref.
* New git-check and git-create methods "true" which are no-ops.Ian Jackson2014-03-05
* failedcmd prints $us, not $_[0] - ie, dgit doesn't pretend, in the error ↵Ian Jackson2014-01-19
| | | | message, to be its child.
* Compute "-v" option default value (changelog version since) correctly for ↵Ian Jackson2014-01-19
| | | | Debian backports suites. Closes:#733954.
* Be able to clone or fetch from Debian backports suites (which are a bit like ↵Ian Jackson2014-01-19
| | | | main Debian suites but also a bit not like them).
* Quirks mechanismIan Jackson2014-01-19
* Refuse to do quilt fixup (explicitly or as a result of build). Closes:#731632.Ian Jackson2014-01-19
* Run a clean (of the specified type) before any build operation; do this with ↵Ian Jackson2014-01-19
| | | | `dpkg-buildpackage -T' clean if necessary, so -wd now works with all the building methods.
* Provide --build-products-dir option (and corresponding semantics for -C) to ↵Ian Jackson2014-01-19
| | | | specify where to find the files to upload. Closes:#731633.
* Do not report the (irrelevant) $? when madison parsing fails.Ian Jackson2014-01-18
* Use failedcmd to report errors when ssh psql fails. Closes:#734281.Ian Jackson2014-01-18
* Use newest (not oldest) version currently in suite when calculating what ↵debian/0.20Ian Jackson2013-12-21
| | | | value to use for -v<version> by default. Closes:#732781.
* autopkgtests: push test; specify dummy upload host; specify dput host and configIan Jackson2013-11-24
* autopkgtests: dummycat archive query sorts its resultsIan Jackson2013-11-24