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* playground refactoring: dgit: Make prep_ud no longer take a directoryIan Jackson2017-08-03
* playground: playtree: rename from workareaIan Jackson2017-08-02
* Dgit: break must_getcwd out into Dgit.pmIan Jackson2017-08-02
* dgit: factor out build_or_push_prep_early subSean Whitton2017-07-26
* cmd_push: Factor out all prep codeSean Whitton2017-07-26
* dgit: Refactor to create human-readable $subcommandSean Whitton2017-07-26
* changedir: Break out from dgitIan Jackson2017-07-19
* git_slurp_config_src: Break out from dgitIan Jackson2017-07-19
* workarea_setup: Break out from dgitIan Jackson2017-07-18
* dgit: simplify gitattrs setup in mktree_in_ud_hereIan Jackson2017-07-18
* $negate_harmful_gitattrs: Break out from dgitIan Jackson2017-07-18
* runcmd: Break out from dgitIan Jackson2017-07-18
* Merge branch 'stable' into HEADIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * dgit: unrepres. changes: Tolerate creation of symlinksIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * dgit: unrepres. changes: Tolerate deletion of executable filesIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * dgit: unrepres. changes: Separate out creation and deletionIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * dgit: unrepres. changes: Prepare to tolerate symlinksIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * dgit import: Avoid making broken symlinks in ..Ian Jackson2017-07-16
| * dgit import: Right error message for missing files in ..Ian Jackson2017-07-15
| * dgit import: Defend against broken symlinks in ..Ian Jackson2017-07-15
* | Merge branch 'stable'Ian Jackson2017-07-09
| * dgit: Regularise patch filenames, and defend against funny commit subjectsIan Jackson2017-07-09
| * dgit: Pass --no-renames to git diff-tree -z, avoiding potential troubleIan Jackson2017-07-09
| * Actually understand foo,-security (!)Ian Jackson2017-07-08
| * dgit: mkdir .git/info in setup_gitattrsIan Jackson2017-07-08
| * dgit: clone multisuite works even without --no-rm-on-error.Ian Jackson2017-07-08
| * dgit: honour more pre-tree git config options in our private treesIan Jackson2017-07-08
| * dgit: tolerate compressor terminating with SIGPIPE.Ian Jackson2017-07-08
| * dgit: avoid dying with wrong message if compression failsIan Jackson2017-07-08
| * dgit: Add many pre_* to call no_local_git_cfgIan Jackson2017-07-08
| * dgit: Provide no_local_git_configIan Jackson2017-07-08
| * dgit: rpush: Do argument parsing and chdir in pre_...Ian Jackson2017-07-08
| * dgit: Postpone call to git_slurp_configIan Jackson2017-07-08
| * dgit: curl --proto-redir settings: do not use qw() for ...,...Ian Jackson2017-07-08
| * dgit: Cope if the archive server sends an HTTP redirectIan Jackson2017-07-08
| * dgit: avoid "Use of uninitialized value $got in concatenation"Ian Jackson2017-07-08
| * dgit: fix rpush+buildinfo: Transfer buildinfos for signing.Ian Jackson2017-07-08
| * rpush: break out @rfiles in dopushIan Jackson2017-07-08
* | dgit: --deliberately-not-fast-forward works properly in split view quilt mode...Ian Jackson2017-02-12
* dgit: importing: Better handle commas in changelog maintainer fieldsIan Jackson2017-02-05
* dgit: Do not fail when run with detached HEAD. Closes:#853022.Ian Jackson2017-02-05
* dgit: branchsuite: Break out @cmdIan Jackson2017-02-05
* dgit: Strip initial newline from Changes line from dpkg-parsechangelogIan Jackson2017-02-05
* dgit: Copy several user.* settings from main tree git local configIan Jackson2017-02-05
* dgit --overwrite: Check $gf->('Distribution')Ian Jackson2017-01-25
* pseudomerge_version_check; Break out $gfIan Jackson2017-01-25
* config and suite handling: Make dgit-setup-* work in default distro.Ian Jackson2017-01-23
* dgit: repos_server_url: Set $access_forpush to 1Ian Jackson2017-01-19
* dgit: repos_server_url: Set $isuiteIan Jackson2017-01-19
* dgit: repos_server_url(): Break outIan Jackson2017-01-19