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* git-debpush(1): warning about use of forcing optionsSean Whitton2019-09-14
* git-debpush(1): note that --quilt=baredebian+git is an aliasSean Whitton2019-09-14
* git-debpush: Check for a detached head when pushing HEADSean Whitton2019-07-22
* git-debpush: Check for unstitched git-debrebase branchSean Whitton2019-07-22
* git-debpush: Check that patches are (un)applicableSean Whitton2019-07-22
* git-debpush: Check upstream source is identical in the upstream tagSean Whitton2019-07-20
* git-debpush: Support forcing individual checksSean Whitton2019-07-20
* git-debpush(1): Correct description of --forceSean Whitton2019-07-20
* git-debpush(1): Tweak AUTHOR sectionSean Whitton2019-07-07
* git-debpush: Don't pretend to support --baredebian+tarballSean Whitton2019-07-07
* git-debpush(1): Fix POD formattingSean Whitton2019-07-07
* git-debpush: Support --upstream=TAG (and document it)Ian Jackson2019-07-07
* git-debpush(1): new manpageSean Whitton2019-07-07