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* Infra: Introduce Debian::Dgit::InfraIan Jackson2016-10-15
* Copyright: Add notices to some more of the (larger) filesIan Jackson2016-10-11
* Make warnings fatal in dpkg-repos-admin-debian, dgit-ssh-dispatch (using setu...Ian Jackson2015-07-25
* Make dgit-ssh-dispatch not spew (harmless) warnings if caller tries for a she...Ian Jackson2015-07-18
* Fix an undef reference in error message processing when quilt fixup linearisa...Ian Jackson2015-06-29
* Infra: Support not running out of working treeIan Jackson2015-06-20
* Infra: dgit-ssh-dispatch sets PERLLIBIan Jackson2015-06-20
* Infra: Provide dgit clone-dgit-repos-serverIan Jackson2015-06-20
* Infra: dgit-ssh-dispatch: Formatting fix (nfc)Ian Jackson2015-06-20
* Infra: dgit-ssh-dispatch: Break out serve_up (nfc)Ian Jackson2015-06-20
* dgit-repos-server etc.: Rework argument & distros-dir passing (no overall fun...Ian Jackson2015-05-31
* Move $package_re into Debian::DgitIan Jackson2015-03-22
* Introduce policy-hook script into dgit-ssh-dispatch and dgit-repos-server, bu...Ian Jackson2015-03-22
* infra: Pass distro to dgit-repos-serverIan Jackson2015-03-22
* New dgit-infrastructure binary package containing dgit-repos-server et al. C...Ian Jackson2014-11-09
* infra/dgit-ssh-dispatch: New production infra scriptIan Jackson2014-11-08