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* i18n: Provide `i18n-update' target in toplevel MakefileIan Jackson2018-10-04
* i18n: po: Rename `all-po' target to `pofiles'Ian Jackson2018-10-04
* i18n: po/Makefile: Remove some obsolete comment (nfc)Ian Jackson2018-10-04
* i18n: Break out i18n-common.make (nfc)Ian Jackson2018-10-04
* i18n: Provide i_ (identity function, tags for translation)Ian Jackson2018-09-30
* i18n: Rename ___ to f_Ian Jackson2018-09-29
* i18n: Machinery in po/Ian Jackson2018-09-29
* i18n: Copy po/Makefile and remove-potcdate.plfrom debconfIan Jackson2018-09-28