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* po4a: pairwise-pocheck: Better handling for missing tclIan Jackson2018-11-08
* po4a: pairwise-pocheck: Force it to be run sometimesIan Jackson2018-11-08
* po4a: pairwise-pocheck: Provide make targets to invoke it explicitlyIan Jackson2018-11-07
* i18n: Provide `i18n-update' target in toplevel MakefileIan Jackson2018-10-04
* i18n: po4a: Fix reference to nonexistent translated-always targetIan Jackson2018-10-04
* po4a: Makefile: Honour PO4A and use i18n-common.makeIan Jackson2018-10-04
* i18n: po4a: Introduce machineryIan Jackson2018-10-04