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* test suite: Honour DGIT_TEST_RUN_PFX env varIan Jackson2018-08-25
* test suite: editing a test script overrides DGIT_TESTS_PROGRESSIVE.Ian Jackson2018-08-03
* test suite: Support run-all -p, DGIT_TESTS_PROGRESSIVEIan Jackson2018-07-26
* test suite: Drop dependency arrangement for tests/tmpIan Jackson2018-07-26
* test suite: run-all: Minor refactoring etc.Ian Jackson2018-07-26
* test suite: In ad-hoc runs, honour DGIT_TEST_RETRY_COUNTIan Jackson2018-01-07
* Test suite: rename list-tests to enumerate-tests for ease of completion over ...Ian Jackson2015-07-27
* Test suite: Introduce tests/list-testsIan Jackson2015-07-25
* Test suite: Use make for parallel executionIan Jackson2015-03-22