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* Test suite: provide for x-dgit-unfinished restrictionIan Jackson2016-09-06
| | | | | | | | This will allow us to add tests which fail or are broken, without causing the test suite as a whole to fail. When the test is good, the restrction should be removed. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
* Test suite: Fix t-restriction-x-dgit-schroot-build not to print to stdout ↵Ian Jackson2015-08-16
| | | | when it succeeds
* Test suite: Fix t-restriction-x-dgit-schroot-build in non-adt mode.Ian Jackson2015-08-16
* fixup! Test suite: Provide tests which check thatIan Jackson2015-07-27
* Test suite: Provide tests which check that all our various build operations ↵Ian Jackson2015-07-27
| | | | run the right targets as expected (ie, that we are massaging the arguments to dpkg-buildpackage, and suppressing our clean target, etc., correctly).
* Test suite: Introduce tests/list-testsIan Jackson2015-07-25