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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* test suite: gdr-viagit, gdr-newupstream: do not auto-import t-setup-gnupg.Ian Jackson2018-06-27
* test suite: Get perl -I for source tree rightIan Jackson2018-06-17
* test suite: t-setup-done: get $import right setup using t-chain-testIan Jackson2018-06-17
* dgit: Prepare for calling git-debrebaseIan Jackson2018-06-17
* git-debrebase: test suite: gdr-*: use faketime to control dch datesIan Jackson2018-06-16
* test suite: Update dummy datesIan Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: test suite: introduce t-dch-commitIan Jackson2018-06-16
* test suite: something to have a salsa (general purpose git) repoIan Jackson2018-06-16
* test suite: bugfix: Use full key hash rather than short keyid.Ian Jackson2018-04-23
* test suite: Add library function t-push-was-source-onlySean Whitton2018-01-07
* test suite: lib: t-git-fsck: put dgit-test-fsck.errs in git dirIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: t-git-fsck: Introduce fsckerrs variableIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: Export troot as an environment variableIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: Break out t-dgit-manpageIan Jackson2017-08-04
* test suite: Make t-dgit print pwd to stderr, not stdoutIan Jackson2017-08-03
* test suite: Tolerate worktrees when trying to git-fsckIan Jackson2017-08-03
* test suite: t-report-fail: print $PWD as part of failure messageIan Jackson2017-07-16
* test suite: t-defdistro: Set distro='' tooIan Jackson2017-01-23
* test suite: Internal change: fix handling of nonempty distro=Ian Jackson2017-01-13
* test suite: default dsc distro config setting: Move to lib.Ian Jackson2017-01-13
* infra: mirroring and policy hooks: Provide ((( ))) bannersIan Jackson2017-01-12
* test suite: Arrange not to overwrite .save-env on t-chain-testIan Jackson2017-01-10
* test suite: defdistro-rpush: Remove workaround for missing isuite paramIan Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: Provide t-defdistro (for use with t-alt-test)Ian Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: t-tstunt: When looking for real thing, strip stunt from PATHIan Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: Mark the start of t-okIan Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: Support varying debian aliasIan Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: Fail tests if we look up any debian configIan Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: Allow overriding of -dtest-dummy dgit argumentIan Jackson2017-01-08
* test suite: Parse Dgit: field properly (look for initial \w+ only)Ian Jackson2017-01-08
* test suite: Generalise DGIT_TEST_REAL_<FOO> handlingIan Jackson2017-01-08
* Shell bug: avoid local=$(....) as it defeats set -eIan Jackson2017-01-06
* test suite: t-make-badcommit: Generate a commit we can fix upIan Jackson2017-01-06
* test suite: Break out t-make-badcommitIan Jackson2017-01-06
* test suite: Do not tolerate any stderr output from git-fsckIan Jackson2017-01-05
* test suite: Introduce t-expect-fsck-failIan Jackson2017-01-05
* test suite: Make expect_fsck_fail contain objidsIan Jackson2017-01-05
* Merge tag dgit/2.14 into `defence in dgit-repos-server' branchIan Jackson2017-01-05
| * test suite: Run git-fsck a lotIan Jackson2017-01-04
| * test suite: Introduce t-ok.Ian Jackson2017-01-04
* Provide and use stunt lintian and debuildIan Jackson2016-12-19
* Test suite: t-archive: DTRT if $suite is not sidIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: Pass --force-distribution to dchIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: Introduce $t_archive_methodIan Jackson2016-11-06
* Test suite: Change t-has-parent to t-has-parent-or-isIan Jackson2016-10-30
* Test suite: t-splitbrain-pushed-good--unpack: Handle new .origsIan Jackson2016-10-30
* Test suite: Test --dgit-view-save everywhereIan Jackson2016-10-30
* Test suite: Make t-ref-same* errors better by tracking and printing namesIan Jackson2016-10-30
* Test suite: Make t-refs-same* not wrongly ignore some nonexistent refsIan Jackson2016-10-30
* Test suite: Provide t-has-parentIan Jackson2016-10-30