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* test suite: Introduce example 1.1 orig containg some interesting objectsIan Jackson2017-07-16
* Test suite: Provide absurd-gitapply testIan Jackson2016-10-24
* Test suite: Add test that #840989 is fixedIan Jackson2016-10-16
* Provide 3.0 (quilt) patches-unapplied with .gitignore test caseIan Jackson2016-07-16
* Test suite: Test quilt single-debian-patchIan Jackson2016-07-01
* autopkgtests: provide quilt testIan Jackson2013-11-24
* autopkgtests: do fetch of new version tooIan Jackson2013-11-24
* autopkgtests: Provide tests/lib, and one pari-extra based clone test.Ian Jackson2013-11-24