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* test suite: Use nproc(1) rather than Sys::CPU.Ian Jackson2018-06-21
* test suite: stunt gnupg: Much better logging of race errorsIan Jackson2017-08-04
* test suite: tests/run-all: Use a bit more cpuIan Jackson2017-01-08
* Test suite: run-all: Ensure tests/tmp/ existsIan Jackson2016-09-25
* Test suite: run-all: record outputIan Jackson2016-08-14
* Test suite: run-all should use make -kIan Jackson2016-07-03
* Test suite: Use make for parallel executionIan Jackson2015-03-22
* tests: run-all: allow arg(s) to override test listIan Jackson2014-03-05
* autopkgtests: tests/run-all: convenience script for running the tests outside...Ian Jackson2013-11-24