path: root/tests/setup/gdr-convert-gbp
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* test suite: Drop t-ok from setup/*Ian Jackson2018-07-12
* test suite: Factor out t-dch-commit-rIan Jackson2018-07-12
* test suite: gdr-convert-gbp: drop --overwriteIan Jackson2018-07-09
* test suite: gdr-viagit, gdr-newupstream: do not auto-import t-setup-gnupg.Ian Jackson2018-06-27
* test suite: gdr-convert-gbp-noarchive: new setup kindIan Jackson2018-06-17
* test suite: git-debrebase: provide GDR "macro" for dependenciesIan Jackson2018-06-17
* git-debrebase: test suite: gdr-convert-gbp: use t-dch-commit one more timeIan Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: test suite: gdr-*: use faketime to control dch datesIan Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: test suite: gdr-*: add a bunch of calls to t-git-next-dateIan Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: rename gbp2gdr to convert-from-gbpIan Jackson2018-06-16