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* test suite: Drop t-ok from setup/*Ian Jackson2018-07-12
* test suite: gpg agent workaround: Neaten the logging.debian/5.5+exp8archive/debian/5.5+exp8Ian Jackson2018-06-30
* test suite: gnupg: Run with a lock heldIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: gnupg setup: give each individual test its own AGENT.logIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: gnupg: Do not reset DGIT_TEST_REAL_GPG_AGENTIan Jackson2017-01-09
* Arrange to pass --debug-quick-random to gpg-agent.Ian Jackson2017-01-08
* test suite: Introduce t-ok.Ian Jackson2017-01-04
* Test suite: Introduce setup/gnupgIan Jackson2016-10-22