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* Test suite: tartree-edit: document gitfetchinfo-merge in usage messageIan Jackson2016-07-16
* Tests: tartree-edit: gitfetchinfo: Better commit messages for dirty tressIan Jackson2016-07-03
* Test suite: tartree-edit: gitfetchinfo generates remote/TT-HEADIan Jackson2016-07-03
| | | | Simply HEAD is not displayed by gitk, which is rather a shame.
* Test suite: tartree-edit: gitfetchinfo: Remerge on fetchIan Jackson2016-07-02
| | | | | When we unmerged some old A+B merged refs, make a note to merge them again. This saves the user calling gitfetchinfo-merge again.
* Test suite: tartree-edit: gitfetchinfo: Be a bit more carefulIan Jackson2016-07-02
| | | | | | * Turn on perl warnings * Use strict * When removing old merged refs, insist that we aren't handling A+A
* Test suite: tartree-edit: gitfetchinfo: Unmerge merged refsIan Jackson2016-07-02
| | | | | | | | | | | | The sequence gitfetchinfo-merge A B gitfetchinfo A gitfetchinfo-merge A B might leave inappropriate A+B refs, because nothing would delete them. So, have gitfetchinfo A unmerge any A+B or B+A refs. (This does mean that the user of gitfetchinfo A is now promising that any remotes A+B or B+A were made with gitfetchinfo-merge.)
* Test suite: tartree-edit: gitfetchinfo: Specify commit timestampsIan Jackson2016-07-02
| | | | | | We want the commit timestamps to be predictable (ie, to depend on the source info only), so that we don't show spurious disagreement between two working trees. So, use the timestamp of the HEAD commit.
* Test suite: tartree-edit: Provide facility for comparing sets of git refsIan Jackson2016-07-02
* Test suite: tartree-edit: break out git_manip_play (nfc)Ian Jackson2016-07-02
* Test suite: Provide `tartree-edit gitfetchinfo'Ian Jackson2016-07-02
| | | | Help with comparing different test case git working tree tarballs.
* tests: rename tartree-edit from gitrepo-editIan Jackson2014-03-05