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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* infra: Drop support for old tag name on server sideIan Jackson2019-06-28
* test suite: Drop all testing of old tag formats, and compatibilityIan Jackson2019-06-28
* test suite; drs-push-rejects: Set origin's urlIan Jackson2017-01-16
* test suite: Break out t-make-badcommitIan Jackson2017-01-06
* test suite: Introduce t-expect-fsck-failIan Jackson2017-01-05
* test suite: Make expect_fsck_fail contain objidsIan Jackson2017-01-05
* Merge tag dgit/2.14 into `defence in dgit-repos-server' branchIan Jackson2017-01-05
| * test suite: Introduce t-ok.Ian Jackson2017-01-04
* | test suite: Test bad commit defence in drs-push-rejectsIan Jackson2017-01-05
* Test suite: drs-push-rejects: Test push of same version with different dgitIan Jackson2016-09-25
* Test suite: drs-push-rejects: Break out re-prep (nfc)Ian Jackson2016-09-25
* Split brain: dgit-repos-server: Permit pushing maintainer tag tooIan Jackson2016-09-25
* Tag change: Test suite: Introduce $tagpfxIan Jackson2016-07-31
* Set GIT_COMMITTER_DATE and GIT_AUTHOR_DATEIan Jackson2016-07-01
* Test suite: Replace assignments to p with t-select-packageIan Jackson2015-07-11
* For non-Debian distros, debiantag() uses distro name a la DEP-14.Ian Jackson2015-07-04
* Use force flag when pushing tagsIan Jackson2015-06-23
* Test suite: Make t-expect-push-fail out of the remains of mustfailIan Jackson2015-06-10
* Test suite: Move most of mustfail into t-expect-failIan Jackson2015-06-10
* Test suite: Make t-reporefs stash the outputIan Jackson2015-06-10
* Test suite: drs-push-rejects: use set +o pipefail, not set +eIan Jackson2015-06-07
* Test suite: Move t-reporefs into libIan Jackson2015-06-07
* Infra: Allow FRESHREPO to override "tag already exists"Ian Jackson2015-05-31
* LANG, LC_*: Consistently set required LC_* env varsIan Jackson2015-05-31
* Fix "tests: drs-push-rejects: test unknown suite"Ian Jackson2014-08-04
* tests: drs-push-rejects: test unknown suiteIan Jackson2014-03-12
* tests: drs-push-rejects: malformed tags of various kindsIan Jackson2014-03-12
* dgit-repos-server: call tag tags "headers" in error messagesIan Jackson2014-03-12
* tests: drs-push-rejects: todos; now all relevant error conditions in dgit-rep...Ian Jackson2014-03-06
* tests: drs-push-rejects: more error testsIan Jackson2014-03-06
* dgit-repos-server: some better error msgs, more testsIan Jackson2014-03-06
* tests: drs-push-rejects: fix unexpected success msgIan Jackson2014-03-05
* tests: drs-push-rejects: introduce and use "mustsucceed"Ian Jackson2014-03-05
* tests: drs-push-rejects: check that failures do not update any refsIan Jackson2014-03-05
* tests: drs-push-rejects: fix "key not in keyring" testIan Jackson2014-03-05
* dgit-repos-server: some better error msgs, more testsIan Jackson2014-03-05
* dgit-repos-server: fix dm parsing, more testsIan Jackson2014-03-05
* tests: drs-push-rejects: failing test for dmIan Jackson2014-03-05
* tests: drs-push-rejects: wipIan Jackson2014-03-05
* tests: drs-push-rejects: some failure cases; generate tags in scriptIan Jackson2014-03-05
* tests: drs-push-rejects: new test, currently just passes a pushIan Jackson2014-03-05