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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* dgit push: Update testsIan Jackson2022-09-04
* tests: Add init.defaultBranch to two test casesIan Jackson2021-09-07
* test suite: Drop all testing of old tag formats, and compatibilityIan Jackson2019-06-28
* quilt-gbp test: Set DGIT_TEST_TOLERATE_UNPATCHED_CLEANSean Whitton2018-01-07
* test suite: Introduce t-ok.Ian Jackson2017-01-04
* Test suite: Test --dgit-view-save everywhereIan Jackson2016-10-30
* Test suite: quilt-gbp: Check that we do not update user's HEADIan Jackson2016-10-13
* dgit: HEAD/.dsc mismatch error: Much better messageIan Jackson2016-10-11
* gbp options: Honour --gbp-pq instead of --gbpIan Jackson2016-10-10
* Test suite: quilt-gbp: Test that we crash if archive doesn't do "maint" tagsIan Jackson2016-09-26
* Test suite: Add two "echo ok."sIan Jackson2016-09-26
* Fix spelling of "pseudo"Ian Jackson2016-09-26
* Split brain: Test suite: quilt-gbp: Test 2nd push (ie, test pseudomerge)Ian Jackson2016-09-25
* Test suite: quilt-gbp: Provide and use t-gbp-pushed-goodIan Jackson2016-09-11
* dgit: Test suite: quilt-gbp test: MoreIan Jackson2016-09-11
* Split brain: Test case: Do pushIan Jackson2016-09-05
* Split brain: TODOsIan Jackson2016-09-05
* Test suite: quilt-gbp: New test (not yet complete)Ian Jackson2016-07-17