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* Tag change: Test suite: Introduce $tagpfxIan Jackson2016-07-31
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | Currently this is `test-dummy' (the distro the tests work with). Have checked that after this commit find tests -type f | xargs perl -i~ -pe 's/\$tagpfx/test-dummy/g' puts everything back. (This does not prove I have changed the right set of occurrences, but it does suggest that each actual change is good.) No functional change. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
* Work around #793471 (madness with $SIG{__WARN__} and Perl's system builtin): ↵Ian Jackson2015-07-25
| | | | | | | move $SIG{} setting into setup_sigwarn in, and check getppid. We also need to fix up the expectation for an error message in one of the tests, where the message changes as a side effect.
* Test suite: Replace open-coded $tmp/git/$p.gitIan Jackson2015-07-11
* For non-Debian distros, debiantag() uses distro name a la DEP-14.Ian Jackson2015-07-04
* Test suite: Introduce t-policy-nonexistIan Jackson2015-06-23
| | | | "t-policy false" did not work properly.
* Test suite: Use t-expect-push-fail everywhereIan Jackson2015-06-10
* Test suite: Make t-expect-fail flexible wrt which grep to runIan Jackson2015-06-10
| | | | | | | | Change the default to fgrep, and override it in the places where this is needed. Also use shell substitution to quote .s in tag name in debpolicy-newreject.
* Test suite: Fully test replay attack preventionIan Jackson2015-05-31
* Test suite: Make it possible to call t-policy more than once (moving t-dsd ↵Ian Jackson2015-05-31
| | | | out of it)
* Test suite: add some replay prevention testsIan Jackson2015-05-31