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* test suite: Test that default distro worksIan Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: downstream-gitless: Add missing dependency on repreproIan Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: Test --no-chase-dsc-distroIan Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: protocol-compat: Even more solid checksIan Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: protocol-compat: Soup it up a lotIan Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: protocol-compat: Do not tolerate debian lookupsIan Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: protocol-compat: New test (wip)Ian Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: downstream-gitless: Run t-okIan Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: import-dsc: Fix and uncomment missing object testIan Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: downstream-gitless: Test import-dscIan Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: import-dsc: Comment out missing object test for nowIan Jackson2017-01-09
* test suite: downtream-gitless: Add some rewritingIan Jackson2017-01-08
* test suite: New test downstream-gitless (wip)Ian Jackson2017-01-08
* test suite: Add t-stunt-parsechangelog to a few tests which were missing it.Ian Jackson2017-01-08
* test suite: gbp-orig: Add a missing -mIan Jackson2017-01-08
* badcommit-rewrite: Fix operation using installed version of fixup.Ian Jackson2017-01-08
* Shell bug: avoid local=$(....) as it defeats set -eIan Jackson2017-01-06
* test suite: badcommit-rewrite: Check HEAD manipulation is rightIan Jackson2017-01-06
* test suite: New test for history-rewritingIan Jackson2017-01-06
* test suite: Break out t-make-badcommitIan Jackson2017-01-06
* test suite: Introduce t-expect-fsck-failIan Jackson2017-01-05
* test suite: Make expect_fsck_fail contain objidsIan Jackson2017-01-05
* Merge tag dgit/2.14 into `defence in dgit-repos-server' branchIan Jackson2017-01-05
| * test suite: Add some missing calls to t-ok.Ian Jackson2017-01-04
| * test suite: Introduce t-ok.Ian Jackson2017-01-04
* | test suite: Test bad commit defence in drs-push-rejectsIan Jackson2017-01-05
* Improve "cannot represent change" messageIan Jackson2016-12-20
* quilt fixup: Permit creation of patches which delete filesIan Jackson2016-12-20
* By default, generate a DEP-14 tag as well as a dgit archive/* tagIan Jackson2016-12-19
* Provide and use stunt lintian and debuildIan Jackson2016-12-19
* Test suite: import-tarbomb: Split out from import-nonnativeIan Jackson2016-11-08
* Test suite: lib-import-chk: Break out from import-nonnativeIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Tests suite: import-nonnative: Put a .pc in the craziest .orig tooIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: import-nonnative: Test origs with .git directoriesIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: import-nonnative: Test tarbombsIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: import-nonnative: Check that .orig contents match imported treesIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: import-nonnative: Prepare for more testsIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: clone-reprepro: Use stunt parsechangelogIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Better error message for inappropriate multi-suiteIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: reprepro: Test multisuite with package absent in suiteIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: multisuite: New testIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: Provide reprepro test (for aptget method)Ian Jackson2016-11-06
* Test suite: orig-include-exclude: Remove some commented-out obsolete bitIan Jackson2016-11-06
* Test suite: Introduce $t_archive_methodIan Jackson2016-11-06
* Test suite: import-dsc: Work in formal (adt) modeIan Jackson2016-10-31
* Test suite: inarchivecopy: Test a suite containing only inarchive copiesIan Jackson2016-10-30
* Test suite: inarchivecopy: Do a "git init" and "git fetch" test tooIan Jackson2016-10-30
* Test suite: inarchivecopy: Prepare for another destination suiteIan Jackson2016-10-30
* Test suite: Change t-has-parent to t-has-parent-or-isIan Jackson2016-10-30
* Test suite: gbp-orig: New test (for #841094)Ian Jackson2016-10-30