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* test suite: gpg-agent workaround: Send ps output to stderr (oops)debian/5.5+exp7archive/debian/5.5+exp7Ian Jackson2018-06-29
* test suite: gpg-agent workaround: Cope if ps not found.debian/5.5+exp6archive/debian/5.5+exp6Ian Jackson2018-06-29
* test suite: gpg-agent workaround: Kill unexpected leftover agents.Ian Jackson2018-06-29
* test suite: gpg-agent workaround: Add more debugging output.Ian Jackson2018-06-29
* New gnupg agent thingIan Jackson2018-06-28
* test suite: gnupg: Do not fail if we have no tty when we failIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: gnupg: Fix sleep length in apt-get gpg --import caseIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: gnupg: Do not count as "trouble" a 0-byte input file failureIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: gnupg: Save stdin on apt-key's import invocationsIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: gnupg: Run with a lock heldIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: gnupg: Have three goes, rather than twoIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: stunt gnupg: Much better logging of race errorsIan Jackson2017-08-04
* test suite: stunt gnupg runs gpg again if it exits status 2Ian Jackson2017-08-04
* Arrange to pass --debug-quick-random to gpg-agent.Ian Jackson2017-01-08
* Provide and use stunt lintian and debuildIan Jackson2016-12-19
* Test suite: stunt parsechangelog: Some commented-out debuggingIan Jackson2016-10-15
* Test suite: tstunt-parsechangelog: Produce Timestamp fieldIan Jackson2016-10-15
* Test suite: unset empty redacted pathsIan Jackson2016-10-15
* Test suite: Fix entirely-broken tstunt PERLLIB arrangementsIan Jackson2016-10-15
* Test suite: tstunt/dpkg-parsechangelog: Do not complain if PERLLIB is empty.Ian Jackson2016-10-15
* Copyright: Add notices to some more of the (larger) filesIan Jackson2016-10-11
* Test suite: stunt add comment about %optionsIan Jackson2016-10-10
* Test suite: stunt parsechangelog: fallbackIan Jackson2016-10-08
* Make warnings fatal in tstunt/dpkg-parsechangelog (directly).Ian Jackson2015-07-25
* Test suite: Use stunt Dpkg::Changelog::ParseIan Jackson2015-05-31
* Test suite: Use stunt dpkg-parsechangelogIan Jackson2015-05-31