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* Test suite: Remove refs/remotes/dgit/dgit/sid from pari-extra worktreeIan Jackson2016-09-05
* Test suite: quilt gbp: Provide example worktree tarballIan Jackson2016-07-16
* Provide 3.0 (quilt) patches-unapplied with .gitignore test caseIan Jackson2016-07-16
* test suite: Remove spurious .debs from example_1.0.tarIan Jackson2016-07-01
* Test suite: Provide "indep-arch" branch in example worktree which produces bo...Ian Jackson2015-07-27
* Tests: Provide minimal test package (which is much faster), and use it in deb...Ian Jackson2015-05-31
* tests/tests/quilt: Test series quiltificationIan Jackson2014-11-16
* Test mismatch during pushIan Jackson2014-08-03
* tests: drs-push-rejects: failing test for dmIan Jackson2014-03-05
* tests: drs-push-rejects: some failure cases; generate tags in scriptIan Jackson2014-03-05
* tests: pari-extra_drs.tar: cleanIan Jackson2014-03-05
* tests: drs-push-rejects: new test, currently just passes a pushIan Jackson2014-03-05
* autopkgtests: provide quilt testIan Jackson2013-11-24
* autopkgtests: break out fetch-nogitIan Jackson2013-11-24