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wordsmithing with regard to the Emacs package name
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@@ -386,18 +386,24 @@ function `version-to-list' for details). dh_elpa will error out if
the version cannot be translated. You should resort to patching in a
Package-Version header or adding a *-pkg.el file.
-=head2 Specifying the (Emacs) package name
+=head2 Specifying the Emacs package name
Every Emacs package has a name (e.g. C<magit>, C<circe>, or
-C<tetris>). This name is encoded in the source, either using a special
-comment or the C<*-pkg.el> file. B<dh_elpa> needs to know what this name
-is. For packages compliant with the Debian Emacsen Team addons policy
-(L<>) this will prefixed with
-'elpa-' to become the Debian (apt/dpkg) package name. For Debian
-packages not following this naming convention, B<dh_elpa> will by
-default try using the Debian package name as the Emacs package name.
-If this does not work for your package, you can specify
-environment variable B<ELPA_NAME> in debian/rules:
+C<tetris>). For a simple package this is the filename without the
+'.el' extension; for a multi-file package, it is given in the
+C<*-pkg.el> file. The Emacs package name is often distinct from the
+name of the upstream repository or the name of the Debian source
+package. B<dh_elpa> needs to know what the Emacs package name is.
+B<dh_elpa> needs to know what the Emacs package name is, but it does
+not examine the upstream source code to find it. Instead, by default,
+it assumes that the Emacs package name is the name of the binary
+package, stripped of any 'elpa-' prefix (which will be present for
+packages compliant with the Debian Emacsen Team addons policy
+To override that assumption, you can export the B<ELPA_NAME>
+environment variable in debian/rules:
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@@ -407,4 +413,4 @@ environment variable B<ELPA_NAME> in debian/rules:
You can also specify the name on a per binary package basis with