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@@ -39,15 +39,19 @@ detailed in dh_elpa_test(1).
List of files to be installed into I<package> (respectively into the
first binary package) as an elpa package. The format is a set of
-lines, where each line lists a file or files to install, and at the
-end of the line tells the subdirectory it should be installed in. You
-may use wildcards in the names of the files to install.
-If you list exactly one filename or wildcard-pattern on a line by
-itself, with no explicit destination, then B<dh_elpa> will install the
-file into the top level elpa package directory. Only elisp files in
-the top level elpa package directory will be automatically
+lines, where each line is either (i) a single filename or glob, or
+(ii) a space-separated list of one or more filenames or globs,
+followed by the name of a destination subdirectory (which should not
+begin with a slash).
+For lines with a single file or glob, B<dh_elpa> will install matching
+file(s) into the top level elpa package directory.
+For lines which include a destination subdirectory, B<dh_elpa> will
+install matching file(s) into the named subdirectory.
+Only elisp files in the top level elpa package directory will be
+automatically byte-compiled.
=item I<elpa-package>-pkg.el