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* Intro
-This is a (so far vapourware) project to generate Debian packages of Emacs Lisp extensions that integrate with the built in (since GNU Emacs 24.1) package system package.el
+This is a work-in progress project to generate Debian packages of
+Emacs Lisp extensions that integrate with the built in (since GNU
+Emacs 24.1) package system package.el. This means that debian packages
+built with this tool will show up in M-x list-packages, and that user
+installs of more up to date packages will override them (for that
+* Limitations
+This is currently at the proof of concept stage. It currently deals
+only with single file packages, and does not support byte compilation.
+The latter limitation may require some coordination with the
+emacsen-common maintainer to refine the notion of
+"flavours". Package.el currently understands
+/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp and /usr/share/emacs/${VERSION}/site-lisp
+where VERSION is e.g. 24.5.
+* Usage
+Here is an example of using the helper command (extracted from
+debian/rules in this package).
+ ./dh_elpa dh-elpa.el $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/elpa
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