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wordsmithing on Debian-specific customisations
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You can also specify the name on a per binary package basis with
-=head2 Debian specific customizations
-Pre-B<dh_elpa> packages using C<emacsen-common> typically had an Emacs
-Lisp file C<debian/emacsen-startup> which is installed into
-C</etc/emacs/site-start.d>. One of the most important functions these
-files was the correct setting of C<load-path> to make the package
-available to users; this is no longer required as it is handled by the
-Emacs Package system when generating I<elpa-package>-autoloads.el.
-This means that many packages do not need any debian specific
-Other kinds of configuration can be handled by adding the special
-I<autoload cookie> in front of a form to be run at package
-initialization time. These forms are added to
-I<elpa-package>-autoloads.el, which is B<not> in C</etc/>. This
-simplifies package maintenance.
+=head2 Debian-specific Lisp customizations
+With B<dh_elpa>, the file C<debian/emacsen-startup> is no longer
+required to ensure that C<load-path> is properly set. This means that
+most packages do not require a C<debian/emacsen-startup> file at all.
+If you do need other configuration to be executed, add the special
+I<autoload cookie> in front of a form, and it will be run at package
+initialization time. This is better than using
+C<debian/emacsen-startup> because the forms are then added to
+I<elpa-package>-autoloads.el, rather than a file in C</etc/>, as the
+contents of C<debian/emacsen-startup> was. This simplifies package
These cookies can either annotate upstream source, or be added (along
with the relevant forms) to a file in C<debian/>, by convention
-C<debian/debian-autoloads.el>. Currently you will have manually
-include that file in debian/I<package>.elpa.
+C<debian/debian-autoloads.el>. That file must then be listed in
=over 4