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wordsmithing with regard to additional files
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@@ -42,15 +42,20 @@ first binary package) as an elpa package.
=item I<elpa-package>-pkg.el
-This file contains Emacs specific packaging metadata. It is often part
-of upstream sources. If you need to create it, you can do so in
-C<debian/>, just make sure you include it in debian/I<package>.elpa.
+This file contains packaging metadata for a multi-file package -- see
+the Emacs manual on the subject of "Packaging" for full details.
+This file is often part of the upstream source, but when it is not,
+dh_elpa will try to create it at package build time. If it cannot,
+and you need to create one manually, you can add it to the upstream
+source, or create the file in C<debian/> and list it in
=item I<elpa-package>-autoloads.el
This file is used by the Emacs packaging system to collect autoloads
-from the Emacs Lisp sources. You should be cautious about having a file of
-this name in your source.
+from the Emacs Lisp sources. It is usually generated at package build
+time, and should not usually exist in the upstream source.