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+dh-elpa (0.0.20) unstable; urgency=medium
+ This version of dh_elpa will try to run any ERT and Buttercup test
+ suites that it can find. If you are currently running your
+ package's test suite with a override_dh_auto_test stanza in
+ debian/rules, or if there exists an upstream test suite that you are
+ not running, dh_elpa will override any override_dh_auto_test stanza
+ and try to run the test suite. If it can't run it in its default
+ configuration, this will lead to your package failing to build from
+ source.
+ The easy fix is to add a line like this to the top of your debian/rules:
+ If instead you would like to migrate to have dh_elpa run your test
+ suite and it fails to do so in its default configuration, see
+ dh_elpa_test(1) for how to configure dh_elpa_test to run the test
+ suite successfully.
+ -- Sean Whitton <> Mon, 11 Apr 2016 07:39:26 -0700