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symlink all files/directories into flavour specific directory
This is needed for packages like geiser that look relative to the elisp directory for non-elisp (e.g. scheme) files. update TODO
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diff --git a/emacsen-common/install b/emacsen-common/install
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--- a/emacsen-common/install
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@@ -38,8 +38,9 @@ echo install/${ELPA_PACKAGE}: byte-compiling for ${FLAVOR}
# Create symlinks to the .el files (see section 6E in debian-emacs
# polcy). This makes complation easy, and also allows find-function
-# and find-library to work properly.
-(cd ${elc_dir} && cp -sf ${el_dir}/*.el .)
+# and find-library to work properly. Also link all other top level
+# files and directories into the flavor directory
+(cd ${elc_dir} && ln -sf ${el_dir}/* .)
# Byte compile them
(cd ${elc_dir}