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@@ -367,7 +367,7 @@ Note that Emacs Lisp dependencies packaged outside the elpa-* dpkg
namespace must be specified manually. For example, the s.el library
was once provided by the binary package s-el, and at that time packages
depending on it required an explicit dependency on s-el. A dependency
-on s.el is now fulfilled automaticaly by elpa-s via ${elpa:Depends}.
+on s.el is now fulfilled automatically by elpa-s via ${elpa:Depends}.
If dh_elpa adds dependency elpa-x where x is an Emacs Lisp binary
package outside the elpa-* namespace, please file a bug against
@@ -479,7 +479,7 @@ initialization time. This is better than using
C<debian/emacsen-startup> because the forms are then added to
I<elpa-package>-autoloads.el, rather than a file in C</etc/>, as the
contents of C<debian/emacsen-startup> was. This simplifies package
These cookies can either annotate upstream source, or be added (along
with the relevant forms) to a file in C<debian/>, by convention