Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* bump versiondebian/2.0.1archive/debian/2.0.1David Bremner2019-09-02
* fix errors discovered by lintianDavid Bremner2019-09-02
* drop sedding of perl filesdebian/2.0archive/debian/2.0David Bremner2019-09-02
* set executable bin on helper scriptsDavid Bremner2019-09-02
* initial attempt at moving maint scripts into helper packageDavid Bremner2019-09-02
* set urgency to high.debian/1.16archive/debian/1.16David Bremner2019-01-24
* version 1.16: unset HOMEDavid Bremner2019-01-24
* finalize changelogdebian/1.15archive/debian/1.15David Bremner2018-10-20
* refactor doublearray parsing codeDavid Bremner2018-10-06
* rewrite docs for foo.elpaSean Whitton2018-10-06
* Support optional preservation of relative paths in debian/elpaDavid Bremner2018-09-23
* Revert " add new section "A word on info pages...""David Bremner2018-09-21
* add new section "A word on info pages..."Nicholas D Steeves2018-09-21
* expand (Build)-Depends on emacs*debian/1.14archive/debian/1.14David Bremner2018-09-08
* wordsmithing on Debian-specific customisationsSean Whitton2018-08-20
* Update status of s.el (s-el -> elpa-s) in =item ${elpa:Depends}Nicholas D Steeves2018-08-19
* initial hints about replacing emacsen-startupDavid Bremner2018-08-19
* rm duplicate sentenceSean Whitton2018-08-19
* wordsmithing with regard to additional filesSean Whitton2018-08-19
* wordsmithing with regard to the Emacs package nameSean Whitton2018-08-19
* Support an elpa version number of 0.David Bremner2018-08-19
* Close another bug.David Bremner2018-08-19
* document foo-pkg.el and foo-autoloads.elDavid Bremner2018-08-19
* document debian/elpaDavid Bremner2018-08-19
* document ELPA_NAMEDavid Bremner2018-08-19
* initial support for ELPA_NAMEDavid Bremner2018-08-18
* Update watch file to check salsa instead of anonscm.debian.orgNicholas D Steeves2018-05-22
* Update Vcs links to point to salsa project.Nicholas D Steeves2018-05-22
* Update Maintainer team name and email address.Nicholas D Steeves2018-05-22
* changelog for 1.13debian/1.13archive/debian/1.13David Bremner2018-03-16
* fix duplicated word man page.debian/1.12archive/debian/1.12David Bremner2018-01-21
* update changelog, per Sean's suggestionsDavid Bremner2018-01-21
* update NEWS, per Sean's suggestionsDavid Bremner2018-01-21
* close bug 886253David Bremner2018-01-07
* set distribution to experimentalDavid Bremner2018-01-07
* Drop /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp from default emacs-loadpathDavid Bremner2018-01-07
* add NEWS / documentation for --emacs-loadpathDavid Bremner2018-01-07
* replace --elisp-directory with --emacs-loadpathDavid Bremner2018-01-06
* update changelog for --elisp-directory argumentDavid Bremner2018-01-06
* dh_elpa: add --elisp-directory argumentDavid Bremner2018-01-06
* Add changelog entry for --quick changeDavid Bremner2018-01-06
* use --quick (-Q) for batch-compilation.David Bremner2018-01-03
* Update changelogNicholas D Steeves2017-08-23
* Remove work-around because s-el and dash-el have been elpafiedNicholas D Steeves2017-08-23
* Declare fast forward from 1.10debian/1.11archive/debian/1.11David Bremner2017-08-04
| * Record dh-elpa (1.10) in archive suite sidDavid Bremner2017-08-03
| |\
| | * dh-elpa (1.10) unstable; urgency=mediumDavid Bremner2017-08-03
* | 1.11: disable dh-elpa-VersionDavid Bremner2017-08-04
* | finalize changelog for 1.10David Bremner2017-08-03
* | make contents of compat file match emacs policyDavid Bremner2017-08-03