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* Use secure copyright file specification URI.Daniel Kahn Gillmor2020-01-17
* fix ordering of copyright stanzasSean Whitton2017-07-08
* typoSean Whitton2017-07-08
* relicense maintainer scripts under CC0David Bremner2017-07-07
* run wrap-and-sort -abst as deps list getting longSean Whitton2016-04-10
* merge (unreleased) src:dh-elpa-test into dh-elpaSean Whitton2016-04-10
* tweak debian/copyrightDavid Bremner2015-07-19
* waste time messing around with copyright file format.David Bremner2015-07-13
* add minimal debian packagingDavid Bremner2015-07-11