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* auto-installation of helper scriptsDavid Bremner2015-07-17
| | | | | | This means no fancy predepends are needed because we just copy the scripts in at build time. Of course bug fixes for the helper scripts require package rebuilds.
* minimal conversion to perl / debhelper libDavid Bremner2015-07-12
| | | | | | | | | | | | It turns out this isn't $MESSY_CONFLICT_ZONE, there are rules about writing debhelper extensions. This is mainly cargo culting from dh_installdocs. - compute destination directory, support multiple binary packages. - add debian/elpa file, test the "standard" codepath. Still not very standard because it's a single file elpa package.
* add minimal debian packagingDavid Bremner2015-07-11