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* document DEB_* functionality in dh_elpa(1)Sean Whitton2016-07-19
* don't run tests if DH_COMPAT < 10Sean Whitton2016-05-01
* use an environment variable to disable testingSean Whitton2016-04-10
* add a ref to dh_elpa_test(1) to dh_elpa(1)Sean Whitton2016-04-10
* add elpa:Depends to man page exampleDavid Bremner2016-01-03
* fill paragraphs in PODDavid Bremner2016-01-03
* put ELPA deps into substvarSean Whitton2016-01-03
* generate -pkg.el file for multifile packagesSean Whitton2016-01-03
* add --fix-autoload-date option to dh_elpaDavid Bremner2015-12-19
* start release 0.18David Bremner2015-11-29
* document substvarsDavid Bremner2015-10-29
* release 0.0.16: add misc:Built-Using substvarDavid Bremner2015-10-28