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* add check for missing foo-pkg.elDavid Bremner2015-08-23
* dh_elpa: replace 'die' with 'error'David Bremner2015-08-23
* add note / question about elpa-srcDavid Bremner2015-08-21
* use temporary directory under debian/.debhelperDavid Bremner2015-08-21
* set mode of different emacsen-common pieces appropriately.David Bremner2015-07-18
* update load pathsDavid Bremner2015-07-17
* auto-installation of helper scriptsDavid Bremner2015-07-17
* add no-byte-compile optionDavid Bremner2015-07-17
* clean up temporary directoryDavid Bremner2015-07-17
* change installation target directoryDavid Bremner2015-07-16
* add minimal POD to dh_elpa, and install it as a man pageDavid Bremner2015-07-13
* replace dependency on File::SlurpDavid Bremner2015-07-13
* compute elpa package name from debian binary package name.David Bremner2015-07-13
* add function to only print command output on error.David Bremner2015-07-13
* Initial support for multiple-file packagesDavid Bremner2015-07-12
* minimal conversion to perl / debhelper libDavid Bremner2015-07-12
* hack to add dh-elpa.el to load-pathDavid Bremner2015-07-11
* use package.el magic to find the lisp fileDavid Bremner2015-07-11
* make dh_elpa actually work with an installed elisp file.David Bremner2015-07-11
* start a simple wrapperDavid Bremner2015-07-11