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* fix DH_ELPA_TEST_ERT_EXCLUDE bugSean Whitton2016-06-13
* actually exclude .pc/ and debian/ from ERT testsSean Whitton2016-05-13
* don't run tests if DH_COMPAT < 10Sean Whitton2016-05-01
* DH_ELPA_ERT_EXCLUDE doesn't actually accept regexsSean Whitton2016-05-01
* commas docsSean Whitton2016-04-30
* Revert "use semicolons to list entries in env vars"Sean Whitton2016-04-30
* hint about dollar signsSean Whitton2016-04-30
* use semicolons to list entries in env varsSean Whitton2016-04-30
* DH_ELPA_TEST_ERT_EXCLUDE takes globs and regexpsSean Whitton2016-04-30
* use File::Find::Rule instead of shell grep & globSean Whitton2016-04-30
* doc fix for transition to DH_ELPA_TEST_DISABLESean Whitton2016-04-10
* use an environment variable to disable testingSean Whitton2016-04-10
* correct documentation on ERT test activationSean Whitton2016-04-10
* typoSean Whitton2016-04-10
* clarify documentation of DH_ELPA_TEST_ERT_HELPERSean Whitton2016-04-10
* add some stuff to the load-path & reorder codeSean Whitton2016-04-10
* ensure that quilt patches are not picked upSean Whitton2016-04-10
* merge (unreleased) src:dh-elpa-test into dh-elpaSean Whitton2016-04-10