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* check version of Debian::Control instead of DhMakePerlDavid Bremner2016-07-02
| | | | | With the (in progress) split of dh-make-perl, the module DhMakePerl may not be installed.
* add check for dh-make-perl versionSean Whitton2016-07-02
* don't run tests if DH_COMPAT < 10Sean Whitton2016-05-01
* Revert "ensure that dh_auto_build is before dh_elpa_test"Sean Whitton2016-05-01
| | | | This reverts commit 307fa3abdb45c07547e67bea072f72c363ddf8f1.
* ensure that dh_auto_build is before dh_elpa_testSean Whitton2016-05-01
| | | | | | | | dh_auto_build always occurs before dh_auto_test; if there is any building to do, it should happen first. But we can't just use insert_after as then the test suite gets run more than once, including within fakeroot. So use add_command to put dh_auto_build at the front again.
* use an environment variable to disable testingSean Whitton2016-04-10
* release 0.17: add "--with elpa" optionDavid Bremner2015-11-29