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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* release 0.15: avoid find error on missing directoryDavid Bremner2015-10-25
* add emacs20 to list of obsolete emacs flavours.David Bremner2015-10-23
* release 0.14: ignore more old versions of emacsDavid Bremner2015-10-22
* release 0.13: fix another maintainer script bug.David Bremner2015-10-06
* update templates to rely on substitutionDavid Bremner2015-09-22
* Use emacs -q instead of -Q to byte compile.David Bremner2015-09-17
* change removal messageDavid Bremner2015-09-08
* update remove script to remove non-el linksDavid Bremner2015-09-08
* symlink all files/directories into flavour specific directoryDavid Bremner2015-09-01
* use mkdir -p in postinst to create the flavour specific dir.David Bremner2015-08-20
* update permissions script templatesDavid Bremner2015-07-19
* update load pathsDavid Bremner2015-07-17
* update install script for new location of non-bytecompiled filesDavid Bremner2015-07-16
* add templates for emacsen-common helper scriptsDavid Bremner2015-07-16