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Fixed typo in metalint man page.
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diff --git a/mcon/man/mlint.SH b/mcon/man/mlint.SH
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--- a/mcon/man/mlint.SH
+++ b/mcon/man/mlint.SH
@@ -260,7 +260,7 @@ The file is listed more than once on the ?F: line, under the same name.
This does not appear when declaring both a private UU file and a public
file with the same name, for instance.
-"(?F) UU file $uufile in non-special unit ignored."
+"(?F) UU file 'xxx' in non-special unit ignored."
Private UU files (i.e. files like the \fImyread\fR script created for
later perusal by \fIConfigure\fR) may only be created in special units.
Exceptions allowed if the ?F: line is preceded by a proper ?LINT: hint.