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authorrmanfredi <rmanfredi@190e5f8e-a817-0410-acf6-e9863daed9af>2006-08-25 21:54:31 +0000
committerrmanfredi <rmanfredi@190e5f8e-a817-0410-acf6-e9863daed9af>2006-08-25 21:54:31 +0000
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Let metaconfig use the MANIFEST file if there is no
The file is necessary when using the "pat" tools, but not when running metaconfig by itself. git-svn-id: 190e5f8e-a817-0410-acf6-e9863daed9af
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diff --git a/mcon/man/mconfig.SH b/mcon/man/mconfig.SH
index 059091b..44a6ae5 100755
--- a/mcon/man/mconfig.SH
+++ b/mcon/man/mconfig.SH
@@ -159,7 +159,8 @@ your .SH file).
.IP \(bu
Create a file in your top level directory that lists all the
files in your package. This file will remain private and will not be
-part of the final distribution.
+part of the final distribution. (As a convenience, the MANIFEST file will
+be used by \fImetaconfig\fR if there is no file yet.)
The filename should be the first field on each line.
After some whitespace you can add a short comment describing your file.
Only source files should be listed in there. The special file
@@ -972,6 +973,11 @@ it uses its units and your source code to produce all the needed configuration
files. If you intend to write new units, you should have a good understanding
of the whole scheme.
+If there is no file, \fImetaconfig\fR will try to use the
+MANIFEST file instead, for convenience. Everywhere we mention,
+it can be understood as MANIFEST provided there is no file
+found at the root of your package.
Assuming your file is properly set and lists all the source
files you wish to configure, and that you have run \fIpackint\fR in your
root source directory to create a \fI.package\fR file, you may run
diff --git a/mcon/mconfig.SH b/mcon/mconfig.SH
index 8fb6095..140fb6e 100755
--- a/mcon/mconfig.SH
+++ b/mcon/mconfig.SH
@@ -119,6 +119,11 @@ sub init {
sub init_constants {
$NEWMANI = ''; # List of files to be scanned
$MANI = 'MANIFEST'; # For manifake
+ # The distinction between and MANIFEST can make sense
+ # when the "pat" tools are used, but if only metaconfig is used, then
+ # we can very well leave without a --RAM, 2006-08-25
+ $NEWMANI = $MANI if -f $MANI && ! -f $NEWMANI;
# Record the exceptions -- almost all symbols but these are lower case