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+Artistic The Artistic Licence
+ChangeLog Where changes are recorded.
+Configure Portability tool
+Credits Traditional "thank you" list
+Jmakefile Description of the main Makefile
+Known_bugs A list of known bugs
+MANIFEST This list of files
+Makefile.SH A makefile to run subsidiary makefiles
+README Basic instructions
+Wishlist Features I would like to add
+bin/ Some binary tools
+bin/Jmakefile Generic makefile description for bin
+bin/Makefile.SH Jmake-generated configured makefile
+bin/manicheck.SH Check manifest accuracy
+bin/ Manual page for manicheck
+bin/manilist.SH Produces reports based on manifest
+bin/ Manual page for manilist
+bin/packinit.SH Creates a .package file describing your package
+bin/ Manual page for packinit
+bin/perload Build dynamically loaded perl scripts Introduction to dist
+install.SH Installation script with a BSD-like syntax
+jmake/ Where makefile generator is stored
+jmake/Jmakefile High level makefile description for jmake
+jmake/Makefile.SH Generated makefile for jmake
+jmake/NOTES Quick description of the internal syntax
+jmake/README Welcome to jmake
+jmake/bindex.SH Script to build an index of rules
+jmake/files/ Where rules for jmake are held
+jmake/files/Jmake.rules Generic rules for jmake
+jmake/files/Jmake.tmpl Template used by jmake to produce Makefile.SH
+jmake/fixcpp.SH Wrapper around cpp to fix buggy backslash hanling
+jmake/jmake.SH The makefile generator
+jmake/ Manual page for jmake
+jmake/jmkmf.SH Wrapper for jmake
+jmake/ Manual page for jmkmf
+kit/ Where distribution tools are stored
+kit/Jmakefile Jmake's description of kit builder's makefile
+kit/Makefile.SH Builds kit builder
+kit/README Instructions on makedist
+kit/kitpost.SH Post shell archive kits
+kit/ Manual page for kitpost
+kit/kitsend.SH Mail shell archive kits
+kit/ Manual page for kitsend
+kit/makeSH Does most of turning a script into an SH file
+kit/ Manual page for same
+kit/makedist.SH Makes a set of kits in the current directory
+kit/ Manual page for same
+kit/manifake.SH Makes a file out of a MANIFEST
+kit/ Manual page for same
+lib/ Some library support files
+lib/C/ Some useful C routines
+lib/C/Jmakefile Generic makefile for C lib routines
+lib/C/Makefile.SH Produces Makefile for C lib routines
+lib/C/fake/ Fake implementations of real routines
+lib/C/fake/Jmakefile Generic makefile for faked C routines
+lib/C/fake/Makefile.SH Jmake-generated configured makefile
+lib/C/fake/dup2.C A dup2() replacement
+lib/C/fake/getopt.C A getopt() replacement
+lib/C/fake/rename.C A rename() replacement for files
+lib/C/fake/scandir.C A scandir() replacement
+lib/C/fake/setsid.C A setsid() pale imitation
+lib/Jmakefile Generic makefile description for lib
+lib/Makefile.SH Jmake-generated configured makefile
+lib/errnolist.a Awk script to build sys_errnolist[]
+lib/ Rule files to add for errnolist.c
+lib/ Script to build errnolist.c
+lib/ Script to make dependecies, Larry Wall's way
+lib/ Emulates 'mkdir -p'
+mcon/ Where metaconfig tools are stored
+mcon/INTRO Quick introduction for newcommers
+mcon/Jmakefile The file used by jmake to produce the Makefile
+mcon/Makefile.SH Builds metaconfig
+mcon/NOTES Documents the changes in metaconfig
+mcon/README Instructions on using metaconfig
+mcon/U/ Holds Units for metaconfig
+mcon/U/AAAAA.U Does magic before Head.U
+mcon/U/Begin.U "Beginning of configuration questions"
+mcon/U/Checkcc.U A unit for checking the C compiler for sanity
+mcon/U/Chk_MANI.U MANIFEST checks
+mcon/U/Chk_whoami.U A unit which checks for conflicts
+mcon/U/Compile.U Unit for performing compile and link tests
+mcon/U/Config_h.U Makes config.h.SH--bizarrity here
+mcon/U/Config_sh.U Makes
+mcon/U/Configdir.U Creates .config directory to store persistent info
+mcon/U/Cppsym.U Makes program to test for cpp symbols
+mcon/U/Cross.U Unit for cross-compiling support
+mcon/U/Csym.U Determines whether C symbol is defined
+mcon/U/End.U "End of configuration questions"
+mcon/U/Extract.U .SH file extraction
+mcon/U/Extractall.U Support for the -S Configure option
+mcon/U/Filexp.U Makes program to do tilde expansion
+mcon/U/Findhdr.U Locate header files
+mcon/U/Finish.U A unit which always goes last
+mcon/U/Getfile.U Get file/directory name
+mcon/U/Guess.U Hazard guesses as to overall philosophy
+mcon/U/Head.U First unit, does "#!/bin/sh" et al
+mcon/U/Inhdr.U Defines a look-for-header function
+mcon/U/Init.U Magically gathers ?Init: lines from other units
+mcon/U/Inlibc.U Defines an is-in-libc? function
+mcon/U/Instruct.U Prints instructions
+mcon/U/Loc.U Look for common programs
+mcon/U/Loc_sed.U Full path of sed interpreter, even when portable
+mcon/U/Magic_h.U Makes confmagic.h--bizarrity here
+mcon/U/MailAuthor.U Offers user to register himself
+mcon/U/MailList.U Offers user to subscribe to users list
+mcon/U/Mkdirp.U Unit producing shell script to "mkdir -p"
+mcon/U/Mksymlinks.U Unit to generate symlink to source tree
+mcon/U/Myinit.U For copying to private U directories
+mcon/U/Myread.U Makes program to do read with shell escape
+mcon/U/Nothing.U For empty dependencies
+mcon/U/Null.U Zeroes out variables. Probably unnecessary
+mcon/U/Obsol_h.U Warnings about obsolete C symbols
+mcon/U/Obsol_sh.U Warnings about obsolete shell symbols
+mcon/U/Oldconfig.U Looks for old file
+mcon/U/Oldsym.U Try to propagate symbols
+mcon/U/Options.U Configure option parsing
+mcon/U/Prefixit.U Fixes path prefix in variables in case it changed
+mcon/U/Prefixup.U Fixes vars with path prefix using ~name expansion
+mcon/U/Rcs.U Some stupid redefinitions to keep RCS happy
+mcon/U/Setvar.U Set a variable with some sanity checks
+mcon/U/Signal.U Utilities for sig_name.U
+mcon/U/Tr.U Builds a tr script to handle lower and upper classes
+mcon/U/Typedef.U Defines a typedef lookup function
+mcon/U/Unix.U Common UNIX settings and assumptions
+mcon/U/Warn.U Summarizes warnings emitted during Configure run
+mcon/U/Warn_v7EXT.U V7 has some ideosyncracies
+mcon/U/Warn_v7ND.U V7 has no O_NDELAY read
+mcon/U/Whoa.U Warning function
+mcon/U/abortsig.U Which signal is sent by abort()?
+mcon/U/active.U Find the news active file
+mcon/U/afs.U Look whether AFS is running or not
+mcon/U/alignbytes.U Check for alignment constraints
+mcon/U/archlib.U Where architecture-dependent files are installed
+mcon/U/archname.U Computes the architecture name (cpu-osname)
+mcon/U/baserev.U Base revision of package
+mcon/U/basicshell.U Which basic shell is available
+mcon/U/bin.U Find where to install public executables
+mcon/U/bitpbyte.U Computes the number of bits in a byte
+mcon/U/byteorder.U Computes the byte order (big-endian?)
+mcon/U/cc.U Which C compiler should be used?
+mcon/U/ccflags.U Any additional C flags?
+mcon/U/cf_email.U Computes user's e-mail address
+mcon/U/cf_name.U Computes user's full name
+mcon/U/cf_who.U Who configured the sytem, where and when
+mcon/U/charorder.U Character order within a byte
+mcon/U/charsize.U What is the size of "char"?
+mcon/U/contains.U Makes status-returning grep
+mcon/U/cpp_stuff.U Some cpp stuff
+mcon/U/cpp_trad.U Checks how to get traditional cpp behaviour
+mcon/U/cppfilecom.U Running cpp while preserving C comments
+mcon/U/cppstdin.U Check how to invoke the C pre-processor
+mcon/U/d_NOFILE.U Maximum # of file descriptors
+mcon/U/d_NeWS.U Old NeWS stuff
+mcon/U/d_PORTAR.U Do we know about portable archives?
+mcon/U/d_SHM_MAC.U SHMLBA macro stuff
+mcon/U/d_access.U Do we have access()?
+mcon/U/d_alarm.U Do we have alarm()?
+mcon/U/d_attribut.U Checks wether your cc groks __attribute__
+mcon/U/d_bcmp.U Do we have bcmp() or memcmp()?
+mcon/U/d_bcopy.U Do we have bcopy() or memcpy()?
+mcon/U/d_brokstat.U Check whether stat() macros are broken
+mcon/U/d_bsdjmp.U Do we have BSD _setjmp() and _longjmp()?
+mcon/U/d_byacc.U Is byacc available?
+mcon/U/d_bzero.U Do we have bzero() or memset()?
+mcon/U/d_casti32.U Can the compiler cast large flots to 32-bit ints?
+mcon/U/d_castneg.U Can the C compiler cast negative to unsigned?
+mcon/U/d_cbrt.U Do we have cubic root cbrt()?
+mcon/U/d_charsprf.U How is sprintf() defined?
+mcon/U/d_chown.U Do we have chown()?
+mcon/U/d_chroot.U Do we have chroot()?
+mcon/U/d_chsize.U Size of a char
+mcon/U/d_ckeypad.U Do we have the curses keypad()?
+mcon/U/d_closedir.U Do we have closedir()?
+mcon/U/d_const.U Can cc grok the const keyword?
+mcon/U/d_crypt.U Does crypt() exist?
+mcon/U/d_csh.U csh path
+mcon/U/d_ctermid.U Do we have ctermid()?
+mcon/U/d_cuserid.U Do we have cuserid()?
+mcon/U/d_dbl_dig.U Is DBL_DIG defined in <limits.h> or <float.h>?
+mcon/U/d_debugging.U Conditionally defines -DDEBUGGING
+mcon/U/d_difftime.U Do we have difftime()?
+mcon/U/d_dlerror.U Do we have dlerror()?
+mcon/U/d_dlopen.U Do we have dlopen()?
+mcon/U/d_dosuid.U Do they want setuid emulation?
+mcon/U/d_drem.U Do we have drem()?
+mcon/U/d_dup2.U Do we have dup2()?
+mcon/U/d_eofpipe.U Will EOF be seen on closed pipes?
+mcon/U/d_euc2jis.U Do we have euc2jis()?
+mcon/U/d_fchmod.U Do we have fchmod()?
+mcon/U/d_fchown.U Do we have fchown()?
+mcon/U/d_fcntl.U Do we have fcntl()?
+mcon/U/d_fd_set.U Do we have the fd set manipulation macros?
+mcon/U/d_ffs.U Do we have ffs()?
+mcon/U/d_fgetpos.U Do we have fgetpos()?
+mcon/U/d_flexfnam.U Long filenames?
+mcon/U/d_flock.U Do we have flock()?
+mcon/U/d_fmod.U Do we have fmod()?
+mcon/U/d_fork.U Do we have fork()?
+mcon/U/d_fsetpos.U Do we have fsetpos()?
+mcon/U/d_ftime.U Do we have ftime()?
+mcon/U/d_ftrncate.U Do we have ftruncate()?
+mcon/U/d_gconvert.U Do we have gconvert() or gcvt()?
+mcon/U/d_getgrps.U Do we have getgroups()?
+mcon/U/d_gethbynm.U Do we have gethostbyname()?
+mcon/U/d_gethent.U Do we have gethostent()?
+mcon/U/d_gethid.U Do we have gethostid()?
+mcon/U/d_gethname.U What is the C function to get host name?
+mcon/U/d_getlogin.U Do we have getlogin()?
+mcon/U/d_getopt.U Do we have getopt()?
+mcon/U/d_getpagsz.U Computes system's page size
+mcon/U/d_getpgid.U Do we have getpgid()?
+mcon/U/d_getpgrp.U Do we have getpgrp()?
+mcon/U/d_getpgrp2.U Do we have getpgrp2()? (DG/UX)
+mcon/U/d_getppid.U Do we have getppid()?
+mcon/U/d_getprior.U Do we have getpriority()?
+mcon/U/d_getpwent.U How is passwd info gotten?
+mcon/U/d_getwd.U Do we have getwd()?
+mcon/U/d_gnulibc.U Are we using the GNU C library?
+mcon/U/d_group.U Do we have group()?
+mcon/U/d_havetlib.U Where is termlib?
+mcon/U/d_hidnet.U Do hiddennet stuff?
+mcon/U/d_htonl.U Do we have htonl() and friends?
+mcon/U/d_inetaton.U Do we have inet_aton()?
+mcon/U/d_inetd.U Should internet communication be done via inetd?
+mcon/U/d_internet.U Use internet addresses?
+mcon/U/d_isascii.U Do we have isascii()?
+mcon/U/d_itimer.U Do we have setitimer()?
+mcon/U/d_keepsig.U Will signal handlers need to be rearmed?
+mcon/U/d_killpg.U Do we have killpg()?
+mcon/U/d_link.U Do we have link()?
+mcon/U/d_linuxstd.U Do we have Linux standard I/O structures?
+mcon/U/d_locconv.U Do we have localeconv()?
+mcon/U/d_lockf.U Do we have lockf()?
+mcon/U/d_lstat.U Do we have lstat()?
+mcon/U/d_mblen.U Do we have mblen()?
+mcon/U/d_mbstowcs.U Do we have mbstowcs()?
+mcon/U/d_mbtowc.U Do we have mbtowc()?
+mcon/U/d_memalign.U Do we have memalign()?
+mcon/U/d_memccpy.U Do we have memccpy()?
+mcon/U/d_memchr.U Do we have memchr()?
+mcon/U/d_memcmp.U Do we have memcmp()?
+mcon/U/d_memcpy.U Do we have memcpy()?
+mcon/U/d_memmove.U Do we have memmove()?
+mcon/U/d_memset.U Do we have memset()?
+mcon/U/d_mkdir.U Do we have mkdir()?
+mcon/U/d_mkfifo.U Do we have mkfifo()?
+mcon/U/d_mktime.U Do we have mktime()?
+mcon/U/d_mmap.U Do we have mmap()?
+mcon/U/d_msem_lck.U Do we have msem_lock()?
+mcon/U/d_msg.U Do we have full msg(2) support?
+mcon/U/d_msgctl.U Do we have msgctl()?
+mcon/U/d_msgget.U Do we have msgget()?
+mcon/U/d_msgrcv.U Do we have msgrcv()?
+mcon/U/d_msgsnd.U Do we have msgsnd()?
+mcon/U/d_msync.U Do we have msync()?
+mcon/U/d_munmap.U Do we have munmap()?
+mcon/U/d_newsadm.U Who is news administrator?
+mcon/U/d_nice.U Do we have nice()?
+mcon/U/d_nolnbuf.U Is stdout line buffered?
+mcon/U/d_normsig.U signal() vs sigset()
+mcon/U/d_open3.U Do we have the 3 arguments form for open()?
+mcon/U/d_passwd.U Do we have passwd()?
+mcon/U/d_pathconf.U Do we have pathconf()?
+mcon/U/d_pause.U Do we have pause()?
+mcon/U/d_perror.U Do we have perror()?
+mcon/U/d_pidcheck.U Is kill(pid, 0) allowed for PID checks?
+mcon/U/d_pipe.U Do we have pipe()?
+mcon/U/d_poll.U Do we have poll()?
+mcon/U/d_popen.U Do we have popen()?
+mcon/U/d_portable.U How portable do we want to be?
+mcon/U/d_pread.U Do we have pread()?
+mcon/U/d_preadv.U Do we have preadv()?
+mcon/U/d_psignal.U Do we have psignal()?
+mcon/U/d_pwrite.U Do we have pwrite()?
+mcon/U/d_pwritev.U Do we have pwritev()?
+mcon/U/d_raster.U Is this a Raster Tech machine?
+mcon/U/d_rdchk.U Is rdchk() there to check for input?
+mcon/U/d_readdir.U Do we have readdir()?
+mcon/U/d_readlink.U Do we have readlink()?
+mcon/U/d_regcmp.U Do we have regcmp()?
+mcon/U/d_rename.U Do we have rename()?
+mcon/U/d_rmdir.U Do we have rmdir()?
+mcon/U/d_rusage.U Do we have getrusage()?
+mcon/U/d_safebcpy.U Can bcopy() handle overlapping blocks?
+mcon/U/d_safemcpy.U Can memcpy() handle overlapping blocks?
+mcon/U/d_sanemcmp.U Can we compare 8th bit in chars with memcmp()?
+mcon/U/d_sbrk.U Do we have sbrk()?
+mcon/U/d_scandir.U Do we have scandir()?
+mcon/U/d_scannl.U Does scanf() groks '\n' correctly?
+mcon/U/d_scorfl.U Keep scoreboards by full name?
+mcon/U/d_select.U Do we have select()?
+mcon/U/d_sem.U Do we have full sem(2) support?
+mcon/U/d_semctl.U Do we have d_semctl()?
+mcon/U/d_semget.U Do we have semget()?
+mcon/U/d_semop.U Do we have semop()?
+mcon/U/d_setegid.U Do we have setegid()?
+mcon/U/d_seteuid.U Do we have seteuid()?
+mcon/U/d_setgrps.U Do we have setgroups()?
+mcon/U/d_setlnbuf.U Do we have setlinebuf()?
+mcon/U/d_setlocale.U Do we have setlocale()?
+mcon/U/d_setpgid.U Do we have setpgid()?
+mcon/U/d_setpgrp.U Do we have setpgrp()?
+mcon/U/d_setpgrp2.U Do we have setpgrp2()? (DG/UX)
+mcon/U/d_setprior.U Do we have setpriority()?
+mcon/U/d_setregid.U Do we have setregid()?
+mcon/U/d_setreuid.U Do we have setreuid()?
+mcon/U/d_setrgid.U Do we have setrgid()?
+mcon/U/d_setruid.U Do we have setruid()?
+mcon/U/d_setsid.U Do we have setsid()?
+mcon/U/d_sgndchr.U Are chars signed?
+mcon/U/d_shm.U Do we have full shm(2) support?
+mcon/U/d_shmat.U Do we have shmat()?
+mcon/U/d_shmctl.U Do we have shmctl()?
+mcon/U/d_shmdt.U Do we have shmdt()?
+mcon/U/d_shmget.U Do we have shmget()?
+mcon/U/d_sigaction.U Do we have sigaction()?
+mcon/U/d_sigblock.U Do we have sigblock()?
+mcon/U/d_sighold.U Do we have sighold()?
+mcon/U/d_siglist.U Do we have sys_siglist[]?
+mcon/U/d_sigsetjmp.U Do we have sigsetjmp()?
+mcon/U/d_sigsetmk.U Do we have sigsetmask()?
+mcon/U/d_sigvec.U BSD reliable signals supported?
+mcon/U/d_sjis2jis.U Do we have sjis2jis()?
+mcon/U/d_socket.U BSD socket interface supported?
+mcon/U/d_speedopt.U Optimize speed vs memory?
+mcon/U/d_stat.U Do we have stat()?
+mcon/U/d_statblks.U Does stat know about blksize and blocks?
+mcon/U/d_stdstdio.U How standard is stdio?
+mcon/U/d_strccmp.U Do we have strcasecmp()?
+mcon/U/d_strchr.U Use strchr() or index()?
+mcon/U/d_strcoll.U Do we have strcoll()?
+mcon/U/d_strcspn.U Do we have strcspn()?
+mcon/U/d_strctcpy.U Do we do struct copies?
+mcon/U/d_strdup.U Do we have strdup()?
+mcon/U/d_strerror.U Do we have strerror()?
+mcon/U/d_strftime.U Do we have strftime()?
+mcon/U/d_strstr.U Do we have strtr()?
+mcon/U/d_strtod.U Do we have strtod()?
+mcon/U/d_strtok.U Do we have strtok()?
+mcon/U/d_strtol.U Do we have strtol()?
+mcon/U/d_strtoul.U Do we have strtoul()?
+mcon/U/d_strxfrm.U Do we have strxfrm()?
+mcon/U/d_su_chown.U Do we need to be root to do a chown?
+mcon/U/d_symlink.U Does symlink() exist?
+mcon/U/d_syscall.U Do we have syscall()?
+mcon/U/d_sysconf.U Do we have sysconf()?
+mcon/U/d_syslog.U Do we have syslog()?
+mcon/U/d_system.U Do we have system()?
+mcon/U/d_table.U De we have table()?
+mcon/U/d_tcgtpgrp.U Do we have tcgetpgrp()?
+mcon/U/d_tcstpgrp.U Do we have tcsetpgrp()?
+mcon/U/d_time.U Do we have time()?
+mcon/U/d_times.U Do we have a times() function?
+mcon/U/d_tminsys.U Is struct tm in <sys/time.h>?
+mcon/U/d_truncate.U Do we have truncate()?
+mcon/U/d_tzmin.U Do we use tz_minuteswest?
+mcon/U/d_tzname.U Do we have tzname[]?
+mcon/U/d_ulimit.U Do we have ulimit()?
+mcon/U/d_umask.U Do we have umask()?
+mcon/U/d_usendir.U Use our own ndir routines?
+mcon/U/d_usleep.U Do we have usleep()?
+mcon/U/d_uwait.U Is there a 'union wait' declaration around here?
+mcon/U/d_vfork.U vfork() vs fork()
+mcon/U/d_voidsig.U How is signal() declared?
+mcon/U/d_volatile.U Does our C compiler support "volatile"?
+mcon/U/d_vprintf.U Do we have vprintf()?
+mcon/U/d_wait3.U Do we have wait3()?
+mcon/U/d_wait4.U Do we have wait4()?
+mcon/U/d_waitpid.U Do we have waitpid() system call?
+mcon/U/d_wcstombs.U Do we have wcstombs()?
+mcon/U/d_wctomb.U Do we have wctomb()?
+mcon/U/d_wifstat.U Can we safely use WIFEXITED() and friends?
+mcon/U/d_xdrs.U Do we have XDR serialization routines?
+mcon/U/defeditor.U Find default editor
+mcon/U/doublesize.U What is the size of "double"?
+mcon/U/ebcdic.U Check for an EBCDIC system
+mcon/U/errnolist.U See if we need our own .c to get sys_errnolist[]
+mcon/U/etc.U Where administrative executable should go
+mcon/U/filexp.U Finds location of filexp made by Filexp.U
+mcon/U/floatsize.U What is the size of "float"?
+mcon/U/fpostype.U What is the type for file positions?
+mcon/U/fpu.U What kind of Sun fpu is in use?
+mcon/U/gccvers.U Computes the version of the GCC compiler
+mcon/U/gidtype.U What is the type of gids?
+mcon/U/groupstype.U What is the type for groups in getgroups()?
+mcon/U/h_fcntl.U Do we need to include fcntl.h?
+mcon/U/h_sysfile.U Do we need to include sys/file.h?
+mcon/U/i_arpainet.U Shall we include <arpa/inet.h>?
+mcon/U/i_db.U Shall we include <db.h>?
+mcon/U/i_dbm.U Shall we include <dbm.h>?
+mcon/U/i_dirent.U Shall we include <dirent.h>
+mcon/U/i_dld.U Shall we include <dld.h>?
+mcon/U/i_dlfcn.U Shall we include <dlfcn.h>?
+mcon/U/i_fcntl.U Shall we include <fcntl.h>?
+mcon/U/i_float.U Shall we include <float.h>?
+mcon/U/i_gdbm.U Shall we include <gdbm.h>?
+mcon/U/i_grp.U Shall we include <grp.h>?
+mcon/U/i_inttypes.U Shall we include <inttypes.h>?
+mcon/U/i_limits.U Shall we include <limits.h>?
+mcon/U/i_locale.U Shall we include <locale.h>?
+mcon/U/i_malloc.U Shall we include <malloc.h>?
+mcon/U/i_math.U Shall we include <math.h>?
+mcon/U/i_memory.U Shall we include <memory.h>?
+mcon/U/i_ndbm.U Shall we include <ndbm.h>?
+mcon/U/i_neterrno.U Shall we include <net/errno.h>?
+mcon/U/i_niin.U Shall we include <netinet/in.h>?
+mcon/U/i_pwd.U Shall we include <pwd.h>?
+mcon/U/i_regex.U Shall we include <regex.h>?
+mcon/U/i_sfio.U Shall we include <sfio.h>?
+mcon/U/i_stddef.U Shall we include <stddef.h>?
+mcon/U/i_stdlib.U Shall we include <stdlib.h>?
+mcon/U/i_string.U <string.h> or <strings.h>?
+mcon/U/i_sysdir.U Shall we include <sys/dir.h>?
+mcon/U/i_sysfile.U Do we need <sys/file.h>?
+mcon/U/i_sysioctl.U Include <sys/ioctl.h> or <sgtty.h>?
+mcon/U/i_sysmman.U Do we have to include <sys/mman.h>?
+mcon/U/i_sysndir.U Shall we include <sys/ndir.h>?
+mcon/U/i_sysparam.U Shall we include <sys/param.h>?
+mcon/U/i_sysresrc.U Shall we include <sys/resource.h>?
+mcon/U/i_sysselct.U Shall we include <sys/select.h>?
+mcon/U/i_syssock.U Shall we include <sys/socket.h>?
+mcon/U/i_sysstat.U Shall we include <sys/stat.h>
+mcon/U/i_systable.U De we have to include <sys/table.h>?
+mcon/U/i_systimeb.U Is struct timeb defined in <sys/timeb.h>?
+mcon/U/i_systimes.U Shall we include <sys/times.h>?
+mcon/U/i_systwgcf.U Shall we include <sys/twg_config.h>?
+mcon/U/i_systypes.U Do we have to include <sys/types.h>?
+mcon/U/i_sysun.U Shall we include <sys/un.h>?
+mcon/U/i_syswait.U Is there a <sys/wait.h>?
+mcon/U/i_termio.U Include <termio.h> or <sgtty.h>?
+mcon/U/i_time.U Which time.h should we include?
+mcon/U/i_unistd.U Include <unistd.h>?
+mcon/U/i_utime.U Include <utime.h>?
+mcon/U/i_values.U Shall we include <values.h>
+mcon/U/i_varhdr.U Choose between <varargs.h> and <stdarg.h>
+mcon/U/i_vfork.U Include <vfork.h>?
+mcon/U/i_whoami.U Include <whoami.h>?
+mcon/U/inc.U Where to put public include files?
+mcon/U/install.U Look for a BSD-compatible install
+mcon/U/intsize.U What is the size of "int"?
+mcon/U/ipc.U Choose IPC mechanism
+mcon/U/issymlink.U How to test for symlink status from the shell
+mcon/U/kernel.U Compute the kernel pathname
+mcon/U/lex.U Use lex or flex?
+mcon/U/lib.U Where to put public library files ?
+mcon/U/libc.U Where is libc?
+mcon/U/libdbm.U Look for a suitable dbm library
+mcon/U/libflex.U Locate flex library
+mcon/U/libnlist.U Locate an nlist library
+mcon/U/libnm.U New math library?
+mcon/U/libpth.U Set path to locate libraries
+mcon/U/libs.U Optional libraries?
+mcon/U/libyacc.U Locate yacc library
+mcon/U/lintlib.U Where lint library should be placed
+mcon/U/lns.U Are symbolic links supported by ln?
+mcon/U/locdist.U Find distribution names for news
+mcon/U/longsize.U What is the size of "long"?
+mcon/U/lseektype.U What is the type of lseek()?
+mcon/U/maildir.U Where is mail spooled
+mcon/U/mailer.U What delivers mail?
+mcon/U/mailfile.U What filename in maildir?
+mcon/U/make.U Does make set the $(MAKE) macro?
+mcon/U/mallocsrc.U Use malloc included in kit?
+mcon/U/man1dir.U Where to put traditional section 1 manpage sources
+mcon/U/man3dir.U Where to put traditional section 3 manpage sources
+mcon/U/manfmt.U Formatted man directories
+mcon/U/mansrc.U Where to put manual pages source
+mcon/U/mboxchar.U How to determine if file is mailbox
+mcon/U/mkdep.U How to generate makefile dependencies?
+mcon/U/models.U Large vs small, split I&D, etc
+mcon/U/modetype.U What is the type for file modes?
+mcon/U/myhostname.U How to determine hostname from shell
+mcon/U/n.U How to suppress newline with echo
+mcon/U/nametype.U How to get user's fullname
+mcon/U/nblock_io.U Support for non-blocking I/O
+mcon/U/newslevel.U What version of news are we running?
+mcon/U/newslib.U Where is the news library?
+mcon/U/newsspool.U Where is news spooled?
+mcon/U/nis.U Do we have to deal with NIS (former YP)?
+mcon/U/nlist_pfx.U nlist() related stuff
+mcon/U/orderlib.U Shall we order components libraries?
+mcon/U/orgname.U What is the organizaton name?
+mcon/U/packadmin.U E-mail address of the package administrator
+mcon/U/package.U Gets package name from .package magically
+mcon/U/pager.U What's the pager, more or less?
+mcon/U/patchlevel.U Grab current patchlevel out of patchlevel.h
+mcon/U/perlpath.U The full path of perl
+mcon/U/pidtype.U What is the type of a PID?
+mcon/U/pkgsrc.U Computes the absolute package source directory
+mcon/U/prefix.U Installation prefix setting (none, /usr/local)
+mcon/U/prefshell.U Preferred user shell
+mcon/U/privlib.U Where is the private library?
+mcon/U/prototype.U Do we support prototypes?
+mcon/U/ptrsize.U What is the size of a pointer?
+mcon/U/randbits.U How many bits in rand()?
+mcon/U/randfunc.U Which random number function shall we use?
+mcon/U/rcs_branch.U Does RCS know about the -b switch?
+mcon/U/registers.U How many register declarations to use
+mcon/U/rootid.U Root user id
+mcon/U/sbrksmart.U Can sbrk() be used to release core?
+mcon/U/sbrktype.U What is the return type of sbrk()?
+mcon/U/scriptdir.U Where to put public scripts
+mcon/U/selecttype.U What type for select() file bitfields?
+mcon/U/sh.U Where the shell is located
+mcon/U/shm_for.U More shared memory stuff
+mcon/U/sig_name.U Signal names
+mcon/U/sitearch.U Where user-installed arch-dependant files should go
+mcon/U/sitelib.U Where user-installed regular library files should go
+mcon/U/sizetype.U What is the type for byte size?
+mcon/U/so.U Shared object extension
+mcon/U/sockopt.U Check for socket options
+mcon/U/spitshell.U Shell comment stripper, maybe
+mcon/U/src.U Build and source tree separation support
+mcon/U/ssizetype.U What is the signed type for byte size?
+mcon/U/startperl.U Do we start perl with #! or what?
+mcon/U/startsh.U How to guarantee sh startup
+mcon/U/stdchar.U Are chars unsigned in stdio?
+mcon/U/sunscanf.U Is this Sun's version of scanf()?
+mcon/U/sysman.U Where is the man(1) located?
+mcon/U/trnl.U Finds appropriate value for a newline in tr
+mcon/U/uidtype.U What is the type of uids?
+mcon/U/usenm.U Shall we use the costly nm extraction?
+mcon/U/usesocks.U Defines USE_SOCKS when SOCKS is to be used
+mcon/U/usrinc.U Where are include files located?
+mcon/U/vaproto.U How do we prototype varargs, with ...?
+mcon/U/voidflags.U How supported is void?
+mcon/U/warnflags.U Any additional cc warning flags?
+mcon/U/yacc.U Which compiler-compiler to use?
+mcon/configure GNU configure-like wrapper to metaconfig's Configure
+mcon/files/ Templates for new units
+mcon/files/Internal.U Template for special units with internal symbols
+mcon/files/README Why those templates are here...
+mcon/files/d_function.U Template for C defines
+mcon/files/dir.U Template to get a directory
+mcon/files/file.U Template get a file
+mcon/files/i_include.U Template for include files
+mcon/files/keyword.U Template for keyword checking
+mcon/files/locate.U Template to locate a file
+mcon/files/question.U Template for setvar questions
+mcon/files/rcshead.U Template for unit head
+mcon/files/shell.U Template for non-setvar questions
+mcon/files/type.U Template for type lookup
+mcon/makegloss.SH Extracts Glossary from Unit files
+mcon/man/ Manual pages for metaconfig et al.
+mcon/man/Jmakefile Generic makefile description for manual pages
+mcon/man/Makefile.SH Jmake-generated makefile for manual pages
+mcon/man/mconfig.SH Manual page for metaconfig
+mcon/man/mlint.SH Manual page for metalint
+mcon/man/mxref.SH Manual page for metaxref
+mcon/mconfig.SH Writes Configure scripts for you
+mcon/mlint.SH Lints metaconfig units
+mcon/mxref.SH Builds symbol cross-reference files
+mcon/pl/ Perl library for metaconfig et al.
+mcon/pl/ Common control lines extraction
+mcon/pl/ Generates Configure
+mcon/pl/ Some cosmetic fixes
+mcon/pl/ Metaconfig-only dependencies
+mcon/pl/ Built-in interpreter
+mcon/pl/ Dependency extractor engine
+mcon/pl/ Extracts files from
+mcon/pl/ Dynamic symbol generator
+mcon/pl/ Initialization of dependency control array
+mcon/pl/ Lint-only dependencies
+mcon/pl/ Locate units
+mcon/pl/ Builds temporary Makefiles
+mcon/pl/ Deals with obsolete symbols
+mcon/pl/ Re-order units within Configure
+mcon/pl/ Topological sort
+mcon/pl/ Set up Wanted file
+mcon/pl/ Metaxref-only dependencies
+mcon/pl/ Metaxref symbol extraction
+pat/ Where patching tools are stored
+pat/Jmakefile High level makefile description for pat
+pat/Makefile.SH Makefile for pat tools
+pat/README Instructions for patch/developping tools
+pat/pat.SH Check in, do diffs, make patch, send it
+pat/ Manual page for patch tools
+pat/patbase.SH To set the base for future differences
+pat/patchlevel.h Prototypical patchlevel.h
+pat/patcil.SH Check in the latest changes
+pat/patclean.SH Check in latest changes and remove files
+pat/patcol.SH Check out working file
+pat/patdiff.SH Find the differences since last patch
+pat/patftp.SH Put patches in ftp pub directory
+pat/patindex.SH Create an index of patches sent out
+pat/patlog.SH Handles the ChangeLog file
+pat/patmake.SH Put together a patch file
+pat/patname.SH Assign symbolic name to a revision
+pat/patnotify.SH Notifies that new patches have been released
+pat/patpost.SH Send patches via news
+pat/patsend.SH Sends patches via mail
+pat/patsnap.SH Builds RCS snapshot file
+patchlevel.h The current patchlevel for dist
+pl/ Directory for public perl libraries
+pl/ Perl library to find comment in front of $Log
+pl/ Perl library to expand copyright
+pl/ Perl library to compute suitable editor name
+pl/ Perl library to get full name
+pl/ Perl library to edit list of items
+pl/ Perl library to get login name
+pl/ Perl library to emulate 'mkdir -p'
+pl/ Perl library to build a if none found
+pl/ Perl library to Find files newer than patchlevel.h
+pl/ Perl library to read .package
+pl/ Perl library to compute issued patch sequence
+pl/ Perl library to get ~/.dist_profile
+pl/ Perl library to expand number lists
+pl/ Perl library to expand rcs filename lists
+pl/ Perl library to parse RCS snapshot file
+pl/ Perl library to perform ~name expansion
+pl/ Perl library to parse users file