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dist 4.0
- ** Alpha version **
Copyright (c) 1988, Larry Wall
Copyright (c) 1990-1992, Harlan Stenn
Copyright (c) 1991-1997, Raphael Manfredi
Copyright (c) 2004-2006, Raphael Manfredi
+ Copyright (c) 2007+ Many other contributors
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
@@ -18,15 +18,7 @@
This version of dist requires you to have at least perl 4.0 PL36.
-It has also been ported to work with perl 5.0 PL0, provided you have
-at least integrated patches 0a-0h, issued by Andy Dougherty and made
-available at the following ftp sites:
-Please read all the directions below before you proceed any further, and
-then follow them carefully.
+It has also been ported to work with modern perl 5.
After you have unpacked your kit, you should have all the files listed
@@ -48,31 +40,6 @@ use any of those, however, the directory containing your package (not this
package) must be initialized by putting a .package file into it. This
can be done by running packinit in that directory.
-There is a mailing list hosted in Japan and set up by Shigeya Suzuki
-<>, for discussion about the dist package as a
-whole. It's a good place to ask questions (or answer them) and to
-send your patches. I will post official patches to the net, as well
-as to the dist-users list.
-To send a mail to the list, address it to <>.
-To subscribe, send a mail to <>. If you don't
-know how to use majordomo, the syntax of the subscribe command is:
- subscribe dist-users [address]
-where the address part is optional. You may unsubscribe automatically
-at any time by sending:
- unsubscribe dist-users
-If you have a problem with this version of dist, it is recommended that
-you subscribe to the list, then send a description of your problem to it.
-If you send mail to me personally, I may not be able to answer in a
-timely fashion.
-This mailing list has low traffic (a few articles per week, typically),
-and it is expected to remain so, with a high signal/noise ratio.
If you are running on a system with <= 14 char filenames, don't
@@ -119,20 +86,10 @@ clean up everything and let you re-distribute this kit, without
carrying useless files. You should keep this distribution intact, so
that future patches will be applyable.
-7) I have an automatic patch sender. Send me the following mail:
- Subject: Command
- @SH mailhelp PATH
-and you'll get instructions (PATH stands for YOUR e-mail address, either
-in INTERNET or in bang notation). I would recommend you to get all the
-issued patches before you start making some modifications on this
-8) If you wish to deinstall the package, you may run "make deinstall".
+7) If you wish to deinstall the package, you may run "make deinstall".
A separate "make" will remove the manual pages. Be sure
the makefiles are correctly set before running any deinstall target.
On USG systems, some executable have a chance to remain despite the
deinstall (text file busy...).
- Raphael Manfredi <>
+ Raphael Manfredi <>