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+?RCS: $Id: sig_name.U,v 1997/02/28 16:21:25 ram Exp $
+?RCS: Copyright (c) 1991-1993, Raphael Manfredi
+?RCS: You may redistribute only under the terms of the Artistic Licence,
+?RCS: as specified in the README file that comes with the distribution.
+?RCS: You may reuse parts of this distribution only within the terms of
+?RCS: that same Artistic Licence; a copy of which may be found at the root
+?RCS: of the source tree for dist 3.0.
+?RCS: $Log: sig_name.U,v $
+?RCS: Revision 1997/02/28 16:21:25 ram
+?RCS: patch61: brand new algorithm for sig_name and (new!) sig_num
+?RCS: Revision 1995/07/25 14:14:54 ram
+?RCS: patch56: added <asm/signal.h> lookup for linux
+?RCS: Revision 1995/05/12 12:24:11 ram
+?RCS: patch54: now looks for <linux/signal.h> too (ADO)
+?RCS: Revision 1994/06/20 07:06:57 ram
+?RCS: patch30: final echo was missing to close awk-printed string
+?RCS: Revision 1994/05/06 15:17:55 ram
+?RCS: patch23: signal list now formatted to avoid scroll-ups (ADO)
+?RCS: Revision 3.0 1993/08/18 12:09:47 ram
+?RCS: Baseline for dist 3.0 netwide release.
+?MAKE:sig_name sig_num: awk Signal Oldconfig rm
+?MAKE: -pick add $@ %<
+?S: This variable holds the signal names, space separated. The leading
+?S: SIG in signals name is removed. See sig_num.
+?S: This variable holds the signal numbers, space separated. Those numbers
+?S: correspond to the value of the signal listed in the same place within
+?S: the sig_name list.
+?C: This symbol contains a list of signal names in order of
+?C: signal number. This is intended
+?C: to be used as a static array initialization, like this:
+?C: char *sig_name[] = { SIG_NAME };
+?C: The signals in the list are separated with commas, and each signal
+?C: is surrounded by double quotes. There is no leading SIG in the signal
+?C: name, i.e. SIGQUIT is known as "QUIT".
+?C: Gaps in the signal numbers (up to NSIG) are filled in with NUMnn,
+?C: etc., where nn is the actual signal number (e.g. NUM37).
+?C: The signal number for sig_name[i] is stored in sig_num[i].
+?C: The last element is 0 to terminate the list with a NULL. This
+?C: corresponds to the 0 at the end of the sig_num list.
+?C: This symbol contains a list of signal numbers, in the same order as the
+?C: SIG_NAME list. It is suitable for static array initialization, as in:
+?C: int sig_num[] = { SIG_NUM };
+?C: The signals in the list are separated with commas, and the indices
+?C: within that list and the SIG_NAME list match, so it's easy to compute
+?C: the signal name from a number or vice versa at the price of a small
+?C: dynamic linear lookup.
+?C: Duplicates are allowed, but are moved to the end of the list.
+?C: The signal number corresponding to sig_name[i] is sig_number[i].
+?C: if (i < NSIG) then sig_number[i] == i.
+?C: The last element is 0, corresponding to the 0 at the end of
+?C: the sig_name list.
+?H:#define SIG_NAME "`echo $sig_name | sed 's/ /","/g'`",0 /**/
+?H:#define SIG_NUM `echo $sig_num 0 | sed 's/ /,/g'` /**/
+?X: signal.cmd creates a file signal.lst which has two columns:
+?X: NAME number, e.g.
+?X: HUP 1
+?X: The list is sorted on signal number, with duplicates moved to
+?X: the end..
+: generate list of signal names
+echo " "
+?X: Previous versions used a different algorithm to get sig_name,
+?X: and didn't get sig_num at all. If either sig_name or sig_num
+?X: is empty, compute both all over again. If both are set, it
+?X: could be a hint file or a previous value, so let it stay.
+case "$sig_name" in
+'') sig_num='' ;;
+case "$sig_num" in
+'') sig_name='' ;;
+case "$sig_name" in
+ echo "Generating a list of signal names and numbers..." >&4
+ ./signal_cmd
+ sig_name=`$awk '{printf "%s ", $1}' signal.lst`
+ sig_name="ZERO $sig_name"
+ sig_num=`$awk '{printf "%d ", $2}' signal.lst`
+ sig_num="0 $sig_num"
+ ;;
+echo "The following signals are available:"
+echo " "
+echo $sig_name | $awk \
+'BEGIN { linelen = 0 }
+ for (i = 1; i <= NF; i++) {
+ name = "SIG" $i " "
+ linelen = linelen + length(name)
+ if (linelen > 70) {
+ printf "\n"
+ linelen = length(name)
+ }
+ printf "%s", name
+ }
+ printf "\n"
+$rm -f signal signal.c signal.awk signal.lst signal_cmd