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+This version of dist has been written by Raphael Manfredi based on
+previous work from Larry Wall and Harlan Stenn.
+I started working on this in September 1990 while I was still a student
+at the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, France. From then on, I worked
+during two years at ISE (building the Eiffel 3.0 compiler -- the run-time
+part and code generation). Since I chose to use metaconfig for the run-time
+library, which is written in plain C, I had the chance to continue improving
+the whole dist package.
+By the end of 1991, I contacted Harlan Stenn <> who had
+been working separately on his own dist version. I started the painful merge.
+At the same time, I started releasing alpha version of dist 3.0.
+In 1992, I started a parallel project: mailagent. The dist 2.0 release upon
+which this work is based included a simple perl script called mailagent, whose
+sole job was to filter out @SH commands to automatically mail patches to some
+people. I liked the idea of having a perl mail filter and so I extended
+mailagent up to the point where it became really big and only marginally
+dist-related. I released it on the net (comp.sources.misc) on July 1992, after
+7 months of hard work.
+In March 1993, I left ISE and returned to France to join ACRI. The dist 3.0
+package was "almost" finished by that time, but the documentation was no
+longer accurate and needed a lot of work. My new job does not give me enough
+free time, so things have been longer than I expected.
+In July 1993, under the pressure of many of my alpha testers, I decided to
+go into the final process, sacrifying nights and week ends to finish up what
+turns out to have been a 3 years process...
+My first thanks will go to Larry Wall <> who wrote perl
+and dist 2.0 in the first place. I would never have dived into dist 2.0
+if it had not been written in perl.
+During my work, I had the chance to benefit some useful comments and
+contributions from Craig Kolb <> who
+has been the very first user of metaconfig (with a rather pre-historic
+version). He used it on its rayshade 4.0 release (a ray tracing program).
+Then of course, many thanks are due to my co-worker, Harlan Stenn
+<>. Although I did the integration of his work all by
+myself, I have found many good ideas in his early work. For instance, he wrote
+the first implementation of the metalint program, something I could not live
+without today! His remarks, comments and encouragements have always been
+appreciated, even though we did not always agree on the same things at the
+same time...
+Then I would like to thank the many contributors to the metaconfig units.
+I hope I'm not forgetting anybody! Here they come, in alphabetical order:
+(sorted on the first name)
+ Andy Dougherty <>
+ Craig Kolb <>
+ Graham Stoney <>
+ Harlan Stenn <>
+ Jan Djarv <>
+ Larry Wall <>
+ Ralf E. Stranzenbach <>
+ Scott Grosch <>
+ Syd Weinstein <>
+ Thomas Neumann <>
+ Wayne Davison <>
+If I forgot your name, please let me know, and accept my apologies (not
+necessarily in that order ;-).
+Finally, thank you Shigeya Suzuki <> for hosting the
+dist-users mailing list. Send mail to to subscribe.
+ Raphael Manfredi <>
+ Lyon, France, August 1993
+[This section added by subsequent patches]
+I'm grateful to the following people for sending me patches and/or reporting
+bugs and giving me some suggestions (sorted on the first name):
+ Andy Dougherty <>
+ Graham Stoney <>
+ Ilya Zakharevich <>
+ Jarkko Hietaniemi <>
+ Joseph H Buehler <>
+ Keith Walker <>
+ Scott Presnell <>
+ Wayne Davison <>
+Due to a mistake of mine, changes from Wayne Davison were flagged 'WAD',
+but his middle initial being an 'E', new ones are now flagged as 'WED'.
+Sorry Wayne, I did not know. We don't use middle initials here in Europe.
+Special thanks to the perl5 Patch Pumpkin Holders (in chronological order):
+ Andy Dougherty <>
+ Chip Salzenberg <>
+for their wonderful creativity. Perl5 is by far the largest metaconfig
+customer with the widest audience, so Configure got run on a variety
+of new platforms requiring specific fixes... which they provided,
+thereby greatly enhancing the metaconfig "portability database".
+ Raphael Manfredi <>
+ Grenoble, France, February 1997